Michelle Obama’s Sexy, Sculpted Arms

obama inaugurationWomen often fear any kind of weight training because they don’t want to bulk-up or look ripped. However, Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston are perfect examples of how the right training can give you a lean, sculpted look, without people thinking you’re in a body-building competition.

Yahoo! Shine wrote that you can do the proper training to get “First Lady” arms with just 5 minutes of training a day. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes? Do the following routine, 5 minutes a day, every-other day.

1. Combine a band and a dumbbell. Offers triple toning benefits. Do 8-10 repetitions.

Sample move: Stand on exercise band and hold each end in each hand while you simultaneously do curls with a dumbbell.

2. Choose a “heavy-enough” weight. You have to challenge your muscles to make an impact, otherwise it’s not worth your time. Do 8-10 repetitions.

Sample move:
Grab a 12-pound dumbbell and do Rows: Feet hip-width apart, hinge forward at hips, letting arms hang straight down, palms facing in. Bend elbow back, pulling weight up to chest level. Lower and repeat as many times as you can in 30 seconds; switch sides.

3. Drop and do 20: The single-most effective workout a woman can do are push-ups because of the total body effects. Do as many as you possibly can in 30 seconds; over time, your strength will increase and you’ll blast through more and more each session.

Sample move:
Start on hands and knees, with back straight. Keep upper arms close to sides, which helps you hit the triceps (the muscle in the back of your arm that has a tendency to get flabby without exercise).

2 Responses to Michelle Obama’s Sexy, Sculpted Arms

Rick says:

C’mon. Of all the great examples of female celebrity arms out there…Michelle Obama? There is nothing about her arms that is impressive.

Heather K says:

I’m super envious of Michelle Obama’s arms! She can rock a sleeveless top or dress. She always looks amazing.

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