No Celebrity Children to See Here! DietsInReview Joins Kristen Bell’s #NoKidsPolicy

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Just as puppies and babies are cheating in advertising, celebrity children are really just cheating in journalism. It’s the easiest headline and paycheck bait out there. As a mom, editor, and human, I’m a big advocate of the charge being lead by actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shephardfor the media to stop using unauthorized photos of celebrities’ children.

That’s why, from this day forward, will no longer publish those unauthorized photos. In fact, prior to the publishing of this notice I personally removed any that we did have and included this note in the footer of the article:

Image of [Suri Cruise] removed out of respect for the privacy of celebrities’ children and in line with Kristen Bell’s #NoKidsPolicy. 3/6/14

Our editorial staff has been instructed to respect this new policy. We will not publish those photos of celebrity children that are not sanctioned. i.e. Katie Holmes enjoying an ice cream with her daughter was removed from our site; the official photo of Kate Middleton holding her infant son outside the hospital remains. Permission = publish; it’s a pretty simple rule to follow.

As a mother myself, I can’t imagine the fear my fellow parents must feel when hounded by paparazzi; or in the case of taking children’s photos, Bell has nicknamed them the “pedorazzi.” I personally stopped purchasing celeb-rag magazines several years ago so I’d know that at least my four dollars wasn’t supporting this abhorrent trend.

DietsInReview had less than a dozen celebrity children’s photos on our site, a drop in the bucket compared to what our larger media competitors produce, but it’s important that we do our part. We’re keen on being responsible social citizens, and glad we aren’t the only ones answering the call. was the first to speak out with a new #NoKidsPolicy, a move that was praised by Bell. People Magazine, Us Weekly, E!, and Today have followed suit since late February. And just yesterday, Perez Hilton published his web properties’ participation, too.

We’re all human beings. More often than not, I hope we all choose to act like it with kindness, understanding, and respect.

Join us in giving these kids, and their parents, a break.

— brandi


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