Practice Self Care to Curb Emotional Eating

This guest post comes from  
Alesha Sevy,  Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge.

Creating healthy habits is a lifelong journey – you won’t always feel the same from day to day, and you may need to make a consistent effort to create healthy habits that leave you feeling good. At the Biggest Loser Resort, we educate our guests on emotional eating and how to identify when you are actually hungry vs. emotionally hungry. If you find that you are snacking from boredom, stress, happiness, sadness – anything that isn’t actually true hunger, try the simple strategy of doing something else. But not just anything else – take a moment to practice self care. It’s still a “treat” that you can give yourself, and you may actually burn calories in the process rather than consuming!

Here are a few ways you can divert your attention to taking care of yourself:

  • Go for a walk– even a short walk can be therapeutic as you raise your endorphins, breathe deep and clear your head. Chances are, you won’t be hungry when you return.
  • Spend 10 – 20 minutes just breathing deeply– don’t worry about the work, the chores or anything else that may compete for your attention. If you have a few minutes to spare, give that time to yourself and just breathe.Write a list of 10 things you did this week that you were happy about. Celebrate your great choices and take a moment to give yourself credit for them.
  • Make an at-home spa treatment- mash an avocado and make a face or hair mask – or just apply plain sour cream to your face for a refreshing glow. Make a foot scrub from coarse sugar, olive oil and fresh mint.
  • Take a soothing bath– this is a great way to relax; especially if you’ve been exercising your body and need a chance to rejuvenate after all your hard work.
  • Write in your journal People often find that when they write down their thoughts they are able to get more clarity on what they really need rather than reaching for food as a substitute.


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