Quaker Oats Logo Gets a Weight Loss Makeover

The man on the front of Quaker Oats, known as Larry to insiders, may not be as famous as the Apple Logo or the Nike Swoosh but you would still recognize him if you saw him. And the next time you see him, you may ask yourself, “Is it just me, or does he look thinner?”

The answer is yes. Known for his rosy cheeks and white hair, Larry has gotten a makeover. According to the Wall street Journal, his hair is slightly shorter and he has less of a second chin. They also made him appear younger with a more pronounced jaw line and broader shoulders.

PepsiCo, the parent company of Quaker, said they wanted Larry to reinforce the idea that oatmeal is a healthy option, so in addition to the haircut they had its artist give him the appearance of “looking five pounds thinner.”

It isn’t the first company to give its logo a health makeover. Morton Salt’s “Umbrella Girl” has gotten noticeably thinner overtime and Betty Crocker looks more youthful than ever.

Jim Avery, a 40-year veteran of the advertising industry and author of Advertising Campaign Planning, explained that over the years “Betty Crocker has gotten noticeably younger. In fact, they made her look more youthful just a few years ago.”

So did Larry simply just eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning to shed those stubborn pounds to get rid of that pesky second chin? According to DietsInReview.com’s resident dietitian Mary Hartley, RD, “Maybe, maybe not. Certain people can lose some weight in the face with only a slight loss, but others will never lose a double chin without plastic surgery. I think the Quaker Oats man had some botox too.”

Botox or not, PepsiCo is hoping Larry’s new makeover will keep the 134-year-old brand “fresh and innovative,” Justin Lambeth, Quaker’s chief marketing officer said to The Wall street Journal.

Oh, and if you were wondering, they only changed the outside. Everything on the inside is the same!

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