Raisin Awareness of Dental Health

california raisinsJoining us in March as the Featured Guest Blogger of the Month is California Raisins. They’ve got a team of nutrition professionals who want to ensure all of us are living as healthy as possible, providing information about healthy, natural snacks. See last week’s article about the benefits of Raisins and Walking.

We all know California Raisins are good for your diet and taste buds, but did you know they offer benefits for maintaining healthy choppers, too? A recent study conducted at the College of Dentistry, University of Illinois – Chicago (UIC), and published in the journal, Phytochemistry Letters, reveals raisins may benefit oral health. The fruit possesses antimicrobial phytochemicals that repress growth of some oral bacteria associated with dental cavities and gum disease!

The study isolated eight known raisin compounds and tested each for antimicrobial activity against bacteria that causes cavities and gum disease. The research revealed half of the compounds found in raisins, displayed antimicrobial properties. Oleanolic acid was one such compound and prior, non-related studies reveal this acid also has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties; suggesting the benefits of this natural compound found in raisins may go beyond oral health.

Oral health and nutrition have always been linked; in fact, some studies have shown an association between poor oral health and systemic diseases such as coronary heart disease. Following are a few other reasons to love California Raisins:

  • Just ¼ cup counts as a full serving of fruit for adults
  • California Raisins are fat- and cholesterol-free
  • California Raisins deliver valuable dietary fiber and antioxidants
  • One serving of raisins contains 310mg of potassium
  • California Raisins are an affordable snack that requires no refrigeration and don’t bruise or spoil, making them a perfect for on-the-go snacking

For more information and healthy recipes including California raisins, visit www.loveyourraisins.com

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