Ruby Faces Relationship Issues and Weight Gain in Season 4 Premier

The new season of Ruby began with a spray tanning session. Ruby, confident with every pound of herself, stood naked in the kitchen while Georgia sprayed her. Seemingly happy with her overall looks, but in utter despair over the weight that she gained back, Ruby said “We gotta finish this. I gotta finish this, once and for all.”

She decided, for the first time in 12 weeks, to host a Women’s Fat Night. Ruby’s friend, Julie, commented on the struggles of dieting while on vacation. Ruby spoke out about her own traveling troubles. While on the road, she slid back into her old habits. The girls reminded her to take one day at a time, one meal at a time, even one minute at a time. She claimed that the girls couldn’t possibly know what they were talking about because none of them had ever been as big as her. Women’s Fat Night ended with these words from Ruby, “The truth is, even if I lose all the weight in the world, I think I’m gonna be alone the rest of my life… I’m never gonna be perfect to any guy.”

Ruby’s ex-boyfriend Denny seems to be a big source of her insecurities. Despite the obvious dysfunctional of their wishy-washy relationship, she attempted to call him. When he didn’t answer, Ruby’s accused him of sleeping with another woman, regardless of the fact that they are no longer in a relationship. The true toxicity of the relationship was apparent at that moment. As Jeff put it, “the fatal attraction part needs to go.”

Things got emotional with Ruby’s therapist. Dr. Jane explained the significance of Denny’s role on her mental health. Ruby admitted to creating fantasies in her mind. She forced herself to believe that her relationship with Denny was healthy. Ultimately, this is a coping skill to avoid facing her true demons. Dr. Jane suggested bringing him in for a session.

When Denny came to visit, the fighting started almost immediately. At one point, Ruby and Denny went to Train Me 24/7 for a training session with Drew and Shazi. When Ruby began the sexy dance workout, it was clear that she was in her element. Of course, she couldn’t focus because Denny kept checking out the trainers.

The drama continued later in the show at Dr. Jane’s. Denny openly admitted to cheating on Ruby during their relationship, which ended nine years ago. He seemed to express no regret over his decision to do so. Denny was unhappy with Ruby’s complacency with her weight and Ruby had developed trust issues due to his cheating. Ruby finally acknowledged her need to get over Denny. She said, “Before it was about me losing weight for him… now, my focus now is beating this disease that I have.”

She began her Denny-cleanse by getting on the scale. Ruby gained 30 pounds, putting her at 333 pounds. She realized that she may as well die if she keeps gaining back all of her weight loss. The episode ended with Ruby’s feeling of weakness and a longing for strength.

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