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Too Fat for 15’s Rachel and Alison Sweeney Speak Out about Bullying and Body Image

You don’t have to go far to hear about, or even see for yourself, the very pressing reality that is childhood obesity. The numbers are staggering – 17 percent of U.S. children, according to the CDC – and the results frightening – as this is the first generation of children not expected to live longer than their parents. Of the millions of children and families facing these daunting health concerns, three of them come forward and speak out in tonight’s “Too Fat for 15: The Obesity Crisis,” a first-ever town hall special on The Style Network.

The “Too Fat for 15” series is in its second season, following a group of young teens during their time at Wellspring Academy, a weight loss boarding school. From that series, three students (Tanisha, Carysn and Rachel) will join host and co-producer Alison Sweeney, from Biggest Loser, and Ruby Gettinger, from Style’s “Ruby,” for a lively one-hour conversation about how to inform both children and parents about creating healthier lifestyles at home.

“They knew I was passionate about childhood obesity,” Alison Sweeney told us about becoming involved with the show. Saying that she’s a fan of the series, she added that “It’s so inspiring and so important to get this information out there.” (more…)

Ruby Finds a New Love Interest in Episode 6

Ruby got her groove back this week- and hopefully it sticks around.

Aside from a tough hike up Runyon Canyon in L.A. to prove her commitment to fitness and weight loss after an intervention of sorts from both her friends and trainer, this week’s episode focused on dating, and the insecurities it brings up for Ruby in terms of her weight, her tumultuous relationship with her ex, Denny, and perhaps surprising for some, her hair loss.

Ruby and her friends went to a fashion show for Evolution of Curves, a plus-size fashion line designed by a friend of Ruby’s, but she had her eye on something other than the clothes: a cute bartender, Ian.

With all the confidence in the world, Ruby starts chatting up the hot (smokin’ hot, if I do say so myself) guy, asking him about his tattoos, touching his arm, and batting her eyelashes like there was no tomorrow. Ruby was convinced that he would never be interested in her, but flirted her butt off anyway. To her surprise, however, they exchanged phone numbers, and he texted her almost immediately. Still convinced he probably only wanted to be friends, Ruby invited him to a concert anyway, where they had a fantastic time, and decided to do it again.


Ruby’s Friends Confront Her on Her Continued Weight Gain in Episode 5

Ruby starts the episode with a weigh-in, which reveals 347 pounds. Ruby’s weight gain is an eye opener for both Ruby and her friends.
Ruby, Jeff and Georgia discuss her state of denial and lack of determination. It’s difficult for Ruby to hear and it seems just as difficult for Jeff and Georgia to say. For the first time, Jeff tells Ruby that she is truly sick and needs to hold herself more accountable for her actions. The truth hurts but Ruby said, “When Jeff told me I was sick, it killed me but it helped me… I’m really out of control.”

Ruby holds the first Women’s Fat Night in Los Angeles. The women discuss the audacity of men who believe it’s okay to ridicule and mock large women. One group participant tells of a man who approached her: “This guy came up to us and just felt the need to express to us that we were fat girls. (He said) if he was as big as us, he would put a bullet in his mouth.” The girls all come to the realization that most of them have one thing in common: childhood abuse. Georgia said, “It was the most productive Women’s Fat Night we have ever had. Ever.”

Ruby Experiences Alternative Therapies in Episode 4

In episode four, Ruby and the crew arrive in Los Angeles for their one month vacation with Ben.

The first thing they do is go to the water park, Raging Waters. The visit starts out a bit rocky as Ruby has trouble fitting into (and getting out of) a raft. “It was very frustrating for me that I can’t get into the rafts by myself,” she said. “But at least I participated.”

Determined to prove herself, Ruby decides to take on the biggest ride at the park, a water slide at the top of nearly 150 steps. She reaches the top but is hesitant to slide down, afraid that she will hurt herself. Conquering her fears, Ruby slides down The High Extreme and afterwards exclaims, “It was the best ride of my life!”


Ruby’s Garage Sale Brings a Reunion on Episode 3

Episode three begins with Ruby and her friends getting ready for the big garage sale. Ruby is convinced that the sale will bring in loads of money, while the rest of the crew is skeptical.

Since the discovery of the forgotten letters in episode two, Ruby’s depression is escalating and her trainers, Drew and Shazi, are having trouble getting her to the gym. In an effort to keep Ruby active, her trainers are turning the garage sale into a fitness endeavor.

Making each step count, Drew and Shazi accompany Ruby to post signs for the garage sale. The group held small weights in their hands and did lunges down the street.

Depression is ruining Ruby’s motivation to workout but she admits that it helps elevate her mood when she does. “I’m a lot happier,” she says, “I’m energetic… it changes your whole mood.”


Ruby Uncovers Forgotten Letters in Episode 2

Episode two starts at Georgia’s house. Her son, Ben, is moving to Los Angeles for school and Ruby is beside herself with grief.

Ruby and Georgia decided to spend four weeks in Los Angeles to help Ben get settled. It promised to be a huge distraction for Ruby but she said, “In the back of my head, I’m constantly thinking about that weight gain.”

Ruby’s trainers, Drew and Shazi, made a house call this week. Drew spoke about having to tailor all the workouts to Ruby’s physical and emotional limitations. A game of badminton doesn’t sound very intense, but it got Ruby moving and that’s the biggest goal that her trainers have. Drew and Shazi proposed a plan to help Ruby lose four pounds a week. An on the road diet and exercise plan for her trip to LA will be essential to her success.


Ruby Faces Relationship Issues and Weight Gain in Season 4 Premier

The new season of Ruby began with a spray tanning session. Ruby, confident with every pound of herself, stood naked in the kitchen while Georgia sprayed her. Seemingly happy with her overall looks, but in utter despair over the weight that she gained back, Ruby said “We gotta finish this. I gotta finish this, once and for all.”

She decided, for the first time in 12 weeks, to host a Women’s Fat Night. Ruby’s friend, Julie, commented on the struggles of dieting while on vacation. Ruby spoke out about her own traveling troubles. While on the road, she slid back into her old habits. The girls reminded her to take one day at a time, one meal at a time, even one minute at a time. She claimed that the girls couldn’t possibly know what they were talking about because none of them had ever been as big as her. Women’s Fat Night ended with these words from Ruby, “The truth is, even if I lose all the weight in the world, I think I’m gonna be alone the rest of my life… I’m never gonna be perfect to any guy.”


Ruby is Back on Style Network March 6 [INTERVIEW]

Fans of the hit reality TV show “Ruby” have waited more than a year to see what is next in life of their favorite weight loss story, and on March 6, 2023, that wait is over. Ruby Gettinger returns to Style Network for her fourth season of “Ruby,” a series chronicling a journey that began at 715 pounds and has seen her lose hundreds of pounds with the help of Hourglass Weight Loss, trainers, nutritionists, therapists, and the invaluable support and love from friends and family.

We had a chance to speak with Ruby about what she’s been up to and what we can expect in the new season. She talks about the harsh confrontation from her friends, in which they were “brutally honest.” She also opens up about her relationship with Rosie O’Donnell, someone she calls a supporter and friend. You’ll also hear Ruby talk about the 60 pounds she’s gained, saying “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It opened my eyes that part of me is in denial.”


Slideshow of Oprah’s Most Memorable Weight Loss Stories

For the past 25 years, Oprah Winfrey has been a part a presence in our television rooms every day. While we love many things about the queen of talk show, one of the qualities we related to so easily in her was Oprah’s honest and very tumultuous battle with her own weight. Over the years, we have cheered Oprah on as she lost 40 pounds with the help of Bob Greene and we may have even shed a tear or two as she admitted that she let the wagon fall on her as she regained weight over and over again.

Struggles with food, body image and body weight are as American as apple pie. Throughout Oprah’s 24 seasons, she has introduced us to people whose love of apple pie catapulted into a true food addiction. Oprah not only had first-hand experience of this, but she also saw her own personal story play out in front of thousands of Americans, who wrestled with similar issues and turned to food for the same emotional comfort as she did.  (more…)

Ruby Recap Season 3 Episode 11: The Thinner Child

In this special two-hour finale of Ruby, the show centers around Ruby and her friends in their six-day retreat.

Ruby’s counselor Tennie McCarty pretty much hits the nail on the head during the retreat, which she is hosting. Tennie looks at Ruby and Georgia as “little teeny boppers who don’t like to be told what to do.” Their protests and complaints about the retreat are immature.

Their attitudes are almost completely negative. I’m not sure what they expected from a six-day weight loss retreat, but it wasn’t going to be a pampering spa getaway.

Ruby Recap Season 3 Episode 10: Ruby Fires Back

This week on Ruby, she discusses her fears of not being able to protect herself after news of various crimes in her area. After the discussion with her friends, Ruby decides to take action.

Ruby’s friend Georgia took her to a shooting range. At first, Ruby was not exactly a natural. She was asking silly questions, and was overly worried about everything. But, then Ruby started getting competitive about the target practice. She also got a little deja vu at the shooting range. She felt like she had done it before.