Ruby’s Friends Confront Her on Her Continued Weight Gain in Episode 5

Ruby starts the episode with a weigh-in, which reveals 347 pounds. Ruby’s weight gain is an eye opener for both Ruby and her friends.
Ruby, Jeff and Georgia discuss her state of denial and lack of determination. It’s difficult for Ruby to hear and it seems just as difficult for Jeff and Georgia to say. For the first time, Jeff tells Ruby that she is truly sick and needs to hold herself more accountable for her actions. The truth hurts but Ruby said, “When Jeff told me I was sick, it killed me but it helped me… I’m really out of control.”

Ruby holds the first Women’s Fat Night in Los Angeles. The women discuss the audacity of men who believe it’s okay to ridicule and mock large women. One group participant tells of a man who approached her: “This guy came up to us and just felt the need to express to us that we were fat girls. (He said) if he was as big as us, he would put a bullet in his mouth.” The girls all come to the realization that most of them have one thing in common: childhood abuse. Georgia said, “It was the most productive Women’s Fat Night we have ever had. Ever.”

Ruby meets with PJ, her Los Angeles personal trainer. He’s determined to switch up her workout to get her back on track. He introduces an obstacle course but Ruby doesn’t respond well to it. PJ was exasperated as he said, “I have to say it, she did nothing.” Emotions run high as Ruby is confronted by the creator of the obstacle course, Adam, who says that he is disappointed in her lack of effort. Ruby said, “I know one thing, that when somebody yells at me, I cringe. Everything in me shuts down and I cannot do anything.” Adam’s love may have been a little too tough.

Towards the end of the show, Ruby admits that losing weight does not always take top priority. She also questions whether or not she may be subconsciously afraid to lose more weight. She tells her friends, “If ya’ll see me acting sick again, you gotta say it… Ya’ll have my permission to call me out on any of this. I am begging ya‘ll.”

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