Ruby’s Garage Sale Brings a Reunion on Episode 3

Episode three begins with Ruby and her friends getting ready for the big garage sale. Ruby is convinced that the sale will bring in loads of money, while the rest of the crew is skeptical.

Since the discovery of the forgotten letters in episode two, Ruby’s depression is escalating and her trainers, Drew and Shazi, are having trouble getting her to the gym. In an effort to keep Ruby active, her trainers are turning the garage sale into a fitness endeavor.

Making each step count, Drew and Shazi accompany Ruby to post signs for the garage sale. The group held small weights in their hands and did lunges down the street.

Depression is ruining Ruby’s motivation to workout but she admits that it helps elevate her mood when she does. “I’m a lot happier,” she says, “I’m energetic… it changes your whole mood.”

After preparing for the garage sale, Ruby meets with Pastor Paula White. She brings the cryptic letters from her past and spends some time discussing their significance with Pastor Paula.

The two talk about the fear that Ruby is facing and how crippling it is to her recovery. “The fear,” she says, “is that somebody that I love will hurt me.” One of the letters confirms her fears with the words, “You painted a picture of what’s before me, forbidden dreams now stolen, wounded by brotherly love.” Although “brotherly love” may not refer to an actual sibling, Pastor Paula believes that it definitely refers to somebody close to Ruby. Ruby is still unsure about what she meant when she wrote that.

Another central topic of their conversation is Ruby’s feelings towards her late father. Ruby says, “…know he loved me, he just didn’t know how to show it,” about her father.

The morning of the garage sale, Ruby wakes up at 5am, anxious to make money for Ben’s move to Los Angeles. Jeff thinks “she’s crazy” because of how high she’s pricing all of the used stuff. Ruby remained positive as she yelled, “Welcome to the greatest garage sale ever!”

The garage sale goes well, although the workout that Drew and Shazi suggested doesn’t appear to take place.

A few of Ruby’s childhood friends stop by for a surprise visit. It was the first time she has seen some of them in over 25 years. Ruby asks her friends what she was like in high school, in an effort to understand the letters she found in the attic.

Many of them agree that glimpses of Ruby’s dark side were evident. They think that she was happy and energetic but hiding something inside herself, which was only visible in snippets.

On the next episode of Ruby, Ben moves to Los Angeles and Ruby goes along with to help him settle in.

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