Ruby Finds a New Love Interest in Episode 6

Ruby got her groove back this week- and hopefully it sticks around.

Aside from a tough hike up Runyon Canyon in L.A. to prove her commitment to fitness and weight loss after an intervention of sorts from both her friends and trainer, this week’s episode focused on dating, and the insecurities it brings up for Ruby in terms of her weight, her tumultuous relationship with her ex, Denny, and perhaps surprising for some, her hair loss.

Ruby and her friends went to a fashion show for Evolution of Curves, a plus-size fashion line designed by a friend of Ruby’s, but she had her eye on something other than the clothes: a cute bartender, Ian.

With all the confidence in the world, Ruby starts chatting up the hot (smokin’ hot, if I do say so myself) guy, asking him about his tattoos, touching his arm, and batting her eyelashes like there was no tomorrow. Ruby was convinced that he would never be interested in her, but flirted her butt off anyway. To her surprise, however, they exchanged phone numbers, and he texted her almost immediately. Still convinced he probably only wanted to be friends, Ruby invited him to a concert anyway, where they had a fantastic time, and decided to do it again.

Excited for her second date, and intimidated by all the attractive women in L.A., Ruby decided to do something about her biggest insecurity: her thinning hair. Ruby revealed that because of her yo-yo dieting, her hair has thinned to the point where she uses a colored powder to add more fullness- but was ready for something a little more “Los Angeles.” Ruby hit up celebrity hair dresser Ken Paves’ Salon, the famous scissors behind Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria‘s luscious locks to get some extensions.

Feeling fabulous, Ruby and her date Ian went to an art gallery and then had dinner to get to know each other a little better. After discussing past relationships, Ruby bit the bullet and asked Ian what his intentions were- to be friends with her or something more. Ian’s answer, after a long awkward pause: “Well, we just met so it has to be friends, right?”

Ruby was obviously disappointed and a little mad at herself for considering someone could like her in spite of her weight, but she’s not going to give up hope. She’s confident she will one day be able to find a man who loves her for her, no matter what size she is.

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