Slim Calm Sexy Diet Teaches Empowered Eating

Author Keri Glassman has been receiving high praise for her new book Slim Calm Sexy Diet. Glassman is a nationally recognized nutrition expert and advisory board member as well as columnist for Women’s Health Magazine.

Slim Calm Sexy Diet offers an approach to dieting that also touches other areas of your life taking a whole person point of view. Glassman’s program is about allowing you to eat to empower rather than deprive. She focuses on the great foods you can eat rather than what you can’t to reach your goals. With this diet, you can lose up to 20 pounds in six weeks and also strip away the stress that leads to emotional eating and hormone imbalance.

The Slim Calm Sexy Diet focuses on areas of eating and includes an exercise program. Within this program, you learn what to eat and when to eat as well as what type of exercise to do for that slim, calm and sexy body. There are natural, whole foods offered in each category of Slim, Calm and Sexy that focus on improving each of those areas. Below are just a few of Glassman’s recommendations for slim, calm and sexy foods.

Slim Foods

Tomatoes, which are high in fiber and water to fill you up without adding calories.

Artichokes. which are also high in fiber and offer slimming qualities.

Pears, which are high in pectin that promotes weight loss.

Calm Foods

Asparagus is loaded with folate which can keep you cool.

Oysters are high in zinc which decreases anxiety.

Walnuts, the highest in Omega 3’s of all nuts, control the stress hormone cortisol.

Sexy Foods

Steak is high in zinc which can increase libido.

Peaches are high in vitamin C and can increase fertility in women.

Watermelon is high in citrulline which can increase libido in women and increase vascular health in men.

Slim Calm Sexy Diet offers you three meals and three snacks each day while also focusing on getting nutrients the body needs by simply eating more of the right foods. Within the exercise portion of the book, Glassman combines supercharged cardio with strength training and yoga to boost your energy. All of the natural food options offer a rewarding way of eating and recipes are included to keep things interesting.

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