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Hey Katy and Kelly – Don’t Eat Mushrooms for Your Diet, Make Mushrooms Part of Your Diet

Mushrooms are absolutely a part of a healthy diet, but they shouldn’t be the focus of a diet. Any time a diet singles out one food to eat exclusively, or vice versa wants you to entirely eliminate one food or group, it’s a red flag for another fad. And like most diet fads, this one is making the rounds in Hollywood.

Apparently the always fit and fab Katy Perry and hotter than ever Kelly Osbourne are munching on mushrooms to keep those figures red carpet ready. Experts say their new adoption of The M Plan, or Magic Mushroom Diet, isn’t doing anyone any real favors.

katy perry and kelly osbourneimage via heatworld.com

More red flags pop up when you hear that this new mushroom diet will help you lose weight from your biggest problem areas in just 14 days! Now, if it took 14 days for your thighs and midsection to become problem areas, then bite this bait. We’re certain it took longer than that to gain it and we know for sure it will take longer than two weeks to make it right again.

This mushroom diet supposedly works by replacing lunch or dinner with a mushroom-rich entree.

Wait, that’s it? (more…)

Keri Glassman’s 13 Sneaky Ways to Add More Fiber to Your Diet

When we talk about weight loss, we often hear things like satiating, stay fuller longer, and satisfied. The reason is that if you’re eating the right foods, the kind that fill you up, you won’t need to go rushing for unnecessary snacks, especially the kind that do not fill you up. The answer in all of this is fiber, specifically psyllium fiber.

“It’s the kind that creates the bulk,” Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN told us. She’s a renowned dietitian who breaks down the science in to bite-sized morsels of nutrition information real people can actually use.

She explained that women should be consuming about 25-38 grams of fiber every day, while we typically get about half of that. The discrepancy exists for a pretty obvious reason – our diets. Keri pointed to the refined carbohydrates, like white bread and pasta, that fill so much of what we eat. As well, frequent dining out, especially fast food, contributes to a lack of fiber. These meals rarely have whole grains nor do they have ample serving sizes of fruits and vegetables (a thin slice of tomato on a burger hardly counts). Therefore we simply “don’t get enough fiber,” said Keri.

There are two ways to fix this, and both endorsed by this nutrition expert and author of Slim Calm Sexy Diet – adding more fiber-rich foods to your diet and a fiber supplement like Konsyl Fiber.

She makes adding more fiber-rich foods sound as simple as stirring in a spoonful of fiber powder to a smoothie or soup, and honestly it probably is. (more…)

Slim Calm Sexy Diet Teaches Empowered Eating

Author Keri Glassman has been receiving high praise for her new book Slim Calm Sexy Diet. Glassman is a nationally recognized nutrition expert and advisory board member as well as columnist for Women’s Health Magazine.

Slim Calm Sexy Diet offers an approach to dieting that also touches other areas of your life taking a whole person point of view. Glassman’s program is about allowing you to eat to empower rather than deprive. She focuses on the great foods you can eat rather than what you can’t to reach your goals. With this diet, you can lose up to 20 pounds in six weeks and also strip away the stress that leads to emotional eating and hormone imbalance.

The Slim Calm Sexy Diet focuses on areas of eating and includes an exercise program. Within this program, you learn what to eat and when to eat as well as what type of exercise to do for that slim, calm and sexy body. There are natural, whole foods offered in each category of Slim, Calm and Sexy that focus on improving each of those areas. Below are just a few of Glassman’s recommendations for slim, calm and sexy foods.


Healthy Happy Hour on The Today Show

today showTune into The Today Show on Thursday, September 15 for a great discussion on how to have a healthy happy hour. Not only is drinking in excess hard on your body (and liver), but it’s also a contributing factor to weight gain. One the other hand, having an occasional alcoholic drink may actually benefit your health.

Women’s Health magazine contributor Keri Glassman will appear on the show as a guest. She will weight in on how to make after-work drinks a healthy treat and not a calorie-fest. Glassman is a dietician who writes about food, drinks, diets and weight loss.


Interview with Keri Glassman, Author of The O2 Diet

02 dietKeri Glassman, R.D. is the author of the super-popular new book The O2 Diet and a nationally-recognized nutrition expert. For years Keri has been a leader in advancing a “whole person” approach to health and wellness. She is also the author of The Snack Factor Diet.

DietsInReview.com had an opportunity to interview Keri on her breakthrough plan that helps you lose weight and feel and look beautiful, inside and out. Here is what she had to say about her easy-to-do and incredibly healthy O2 Diet program.

Can you briefly describe what The O2 Diet is?

The O2 Diet is based on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale that measures how well a food protects against free radicals, which are the culprits behind many cancers, heart disease, and symptoms of aging. Consuming a diet rich in antioxidants has been linked to strengthening the memory, improving the skin, and aiding in weight loss. The O2 Diet is based on foods that will help you achieve your ideal weight and help you function better than you ever have. With the O2 Diet I am empowering you and giving you the tools to be your dietitian.

Why are antioxidants so important to our health?
Antioxidants are essential to our health because they help control the negative effects of free radicals on our bodies. Free radicals damage cellular structures such as DNA and cell membranes and this damage may cause cells to function poorly and mutate, which leads to many diseases and premature aging. Our body creates some antioxidants on its own, but we also need to get our antioxidants from the food we eat such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, and even some protein sources like meats, poultry, and fish. This is where the O2 Diet comes into play.


Review of The O2 Diet, a.k.a. the Antioxidant Diet

the o2 dietEven though there are scores of diets on the market, many of them say the same thing: Eat less, move more.

But the recently-released O2 Diet, also being called the antioxidant diet, takes the emphasis off of eating less and exercising and instead places it on the nutritional value of what you’re eating.

Created by registered dietitian Keri Glassman, The O2 Diet focuses on antioxidants, those tiny but powerful substances in food that help rid the body of free radical damage, which has been linked to everything from heart disease and cancer to Alzheimer’s disease and wrinkles. Using the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale, a measurement created by the USDA that calculates how well a food protects the body against free radicals, The O2 Diet has you counting ORAC points rather than calories, fat grams or carbs.