Hey Katy and Kelly – Don’t Eat Mushrooms for Your Diet, Make Mushrooms Part of Your Diet

Mushrooms are absolutely a part of a healthy diet, but they shouldn’t be the focus of a diet. Any time a diet singles out one food to eat exclusively, or vice versa wants you to entirely eliminate one food or group, it’s a red flag for another fad. And like most diet fads, this one is making the rounds in Hollywood.

Apparently the always fit and fab Katy Perry and hotter than ever Kelly Osbourne are munching on mushrooms to keep those figures red carpet ready. Experts say their new adoption of The M Plan, or Magic Mushroom Diet, isn’t doing anyone any real favors.

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More red flags pop up when you hear that this new mushroom diet will help you lose weight from your biggest problem areas in just 14 days! Now, if it took 14 days for your thighs and midsection to become problem areas, then bite this bait. We’re certain it took longer than that to gain it and we know for sure it will take longer than two weeks to make it right again.

This mushroom diet supposedly works by replacing lunch or dinner with a mushroom-rich entree.

Wait, that’s it?

Honestly, if you replace any one meal with one that is heavily concentrated in vegetables, your health is going to improve. Mushrooms are a great replacement as they are high in protein and fiber, and low in calories. That means you get a lot of satisfying bulk for very little calorie expense.

“Studies have shown substituting four ounces of mushrooms for four ounces of meat once a week for one year could save more than 18,000 calories and nearly 3,000 grams of fat – that adds up to more than five pounds!” reported Keri Glassman, RD at Access Hollywood. Note that said ONE YEAR, not 14 days. And that was only five pounds, too. Most people with “problem areas” are looking for a lot more than five pounds to shed away.

We like the heart of the mushroom diet – replacing meat-filled, calorie-laden dishes with those that are primarily vegetarian. We really like that in this case they are specifically suggesting mushrooms – they are nutritional powerhouses we should all be eating more of anyway. What we don’t like is people thinking they can swap one ingredient at one meal a day and make their thighs thinner. It’s ridiculous, frankly.

green bean and mushrooms

Make your own “eat more mushrooms” diet and use some of the following recipes to get started.

Crispy Onion, Green Bean, Mushroom Casserole

Raw Basil-Stuffed Portobello

Farfel with Onions and Mushrooms

Roasted Wild Mushrooms with Shaved Fennel

Black Bean & Mushroom Quesadilla

If you’re in to mushrooms, let this propel you to swap that one meal a day for one that is veggie-based. Then you might make it two. You’ll start to see real, lasting weight loss because of that, even Glassman said so! One positive habit change with positive results always leads to another. One bad fad just brings back the weight you lost, and often more.

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