We Love Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

This week, we can’t stop munching and crunching on blue corn tortilla chips! These snack-friendly chips are not just your ordinary tortilla chips. Not only are they more colorful, but they pack 20% more protein than a white or yellow corn tortilla and they score lower on the glycemic index than their paler counterparts since they only contain about 68% starch (white contains 75%).

Just in case you were wondering, according to WebMD, the blue color comes from the antioxidant anthocyanin in the corn, which are the same compounds found in berries and red wine.

Our favorite bag of blue chips comes from Garden of Eatin’. They’re organic, and have a variety of options to keep your blue chip dippin’ interesting.

Next time you’re scooping some salsa, up the nutritional content and yum-factor and grab a bag of blues!

Garden of Eatin blue chip Review

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Heather K says:

I love blue corn chips. I buy the Garden of Eatin’. They’re great for chunky salsas because they’re thicker and don’t snap in half.

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