Top 5 Foods to Economize Your Kitchen

Joining us in March as the Featured Guest Blogger of the Month is California Raisins. They’ve got a team of nutrition professionals who want to ensure all of us are living as healthy as possible, providing information about healthy, natural snacking and eating.

From gas to groceries, in these challenging economic times, Americans have become increasingly price conscious of their budget basics. While we may not be able to do much about the price of food, a few simple adjustments to our grocery list can help extend your food dollars.

The first step is to get creative and be positive. This is not the time for “ho-hum” thinking. Resourcefulness is one of Americans’ greatest qualities—put it to good use when you’re feeding your family. Think of foods that will give you the most nourishing bang for the buck. Often, this means going back to the basics, including:

  • Beans: Packed with protein, fiber and B vitamins, beans are one of the most nutrient-rich, cost effective foods on earth.budget diet
  • Whole grains: Whole grain rice and oatmeal are just the beginning. Not only are these grains affordable and easy to cook, they’re loaded with important fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.
  • Whole chicken: Buying a whole chicken, rather than individual cuts, will not only cost less per pound, but will provide you and your family with at least a couple of meals. Cook it in your slow cooker for a delicious, no-fuss, nutrient-rich meal and save the leftovers for salads and soups.
  • California Raisins: Compared to other dried fruits, California Raisins cost much less per ounce. On average, one ounce of California Raisins costs about $0.15, truly pennies when you consider the fiber, antioxidants and potassium raisins deliver.
  • Seasonal and local fruits and vegetables: Generally speaking, fruits and vegetables cost less when they are in season and are not grown too far from the market. Buying local fruits and vegetables also help ensure freshness, which means they will taste better and last longer.

The following are a few budget-friendly California Raisin recipes to get you started. For additional healthy recipe inspiration, visit

  • Tunisian-spiced California Raisin Hummus – Nourishing, tempting and sure to satisfy that empty feeling while watching television or getting a party started off with a bang, this spread is just $0.67 per serving.

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