Two New Contestants Shake up the Biggest Loser Season 11 Episode 13 Recap

The house is obviously still shaken from the loss of Justin in last week’s episode. Kaylee even steps up to apologize for what went down at the weigh in. Hopefully they all can recover from what transpired and move on with their journeys. What does this week have in store? Let’s find out…

The players are led into the gym to meet with Ali and there is a scale set up there. A weigh in already? First the contestants are shown a video of when they were first notified that they were going to be on the ranch. All 11 teams. But that is not all, there is a 12th team training in secret without anyone knowing: Vance and Leann, the white team! If they can beat the lowest percentage weight loss in the house, Kaylee, they earn themselves a spot on the ranch. Unfortunately it was not to be, as Vance loses 30 pounds and Leann loses 45, which is commendable, but not enough to make the ranch.

The pop challenge this week will have huge ramifications to the outcome of this game. The players have to balance balls on a board and drop them off in a basket. Pretty simple. The winning team even gets a one-minute advantage at the upcoming challenge. However, the losing team is removed from the ranch for the week which can completely send them off track.  The green team wins easily, with black right behind them. It’s down to red and blue with blue barely eeking it out to send the red team packing. Before they go they have a budget they need to spend: $1000 on certain amenities for the week.  They end up choosing to buy their own groceries, gym memberships, spa treatments, phone calls home, and dining out one night. What they didn’t get was time with their trainer, Brett. Courtney seemed to immediately regret the decision, as did Brett. How will this affect them at the weigh in?

The challenge this week is a daunting task. Each team must collect 200 eggs for each member of their team from a huge field. The winning team gets tickets to the red carpet premiere of the upcoming movie “Hop.” There is a mystery individual prize to the person that finds the golden egg. Green team takes advantage of their one-minute head start and takes the prize. Olivia is the one who happens to find the golden egg and it turns out to be a burden rather than a prize: The only vote at the weigh in. This weighs heavily on Olivia, as it would myself. I would never want that kind of burden on the ranch, because you don’t know what bridges you would burn with your decision.

The stakes are huge at this weigh in with Olivia having the only vote, unless the blue team goes under the line or the red team. Blue is up first. They have some decent numbers for a total of 14. Green pulls some great numbers for them with an 18, making them safe. Jay and Rulon lose 6 and 5 pounds respectively for the black team. Hannah loses nothing. I believe this happens because she knows that Olivia will not vote for her so she holds back a few pounds. At this point, Rulon knows he’s going home due to the way the vote will play out, unless the red team pulls some awful numbers. It just so happens the red team does just that with Courtney at a 2 and Jen at 0, sending her home automatically.

No vote, nothing. Looks like the pampered week in Ojai without Brett doomed them for the weigh in, and Courtney really regrets it now.

Jen stays positive that she can take the lessons she learned from the show home with her to finish out her journey and it looks like she is doing just that. Her brother is helping her push herself to the limits and she is down past the 100-pound milestone! She’s even able to go out shopping with her friends for normal clothes at normal stores, which was a big, albeit expensive, step in my journey as well. It just makes you feel like a normal human being, like you are really starting to define yourself. Can the red team lift their curse next week as a solo team? Watch next Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC to find out.

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