10 Exercises to Lose the Baby Weight

Throughout the process of child birth, your body undergoes some severe changes, including weight gain and changes in the hip structure. Weight gain and an increase in body fat is normal. It helps provide nutrients and an ideal environment to grow and nurture a new life.

The hip structure, or pelvic girdle, of the female body changes tremendously during the later stages of pregnancy. The joints of the bones soften due to the hormonal changes, allowing the ligaments of the sacroiliac joint to loosen and the baby to pass through. Although the body should return to its normal state after pregnancy, hip pain, and weight gain are common side effects of this life-changing process.

Exercise before, during, and after pregnancy is vital to help prevent bodily injury and make pregnancy more efficient (less painful). It also helps the body lose the extra weight gained. Below is an exercise routine that will help you lose that dreaded baby weight after pregnancy.

Pregnancy Facts That Cause Weight Gain:

  1. Most babies weigh between six and nine pounds
  2. The placenta weighs around one to two pounds
  3. Amniotic fluid adds an extra one to two pounds
  4. The uterus expands and gains nearly two pounds
  5. Increased breast tissue adds another one to two pounds
  6. An increase in blood volume adds another two pounds
  7. Retained bodily fluid tacks on another four to five pounds
  8. Maternal fat stores accumulate six to seven pounds of fat to help nourish the baby

Postpartum Weight Loss Program:

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