4 Foods Proving Carbs Are Not the Enemy

Whether you love them, hate them, or aren’t sure what to do with them, there’s no question that carbs are a hot topic when it comes to healthy eating.


Despite what information you may be relying on now, carbs aren’t all-bad. In fact, there are some that are absolutely essential for a healthy diet. It’s important to not overdo it on carbs like sugar. Because there are so many different kinds of carbs, it can be difficult to determine which ones are good and which are bad. The confusion can lead to people cutting carbs entirely, but that isn’t the best solution for your health.

Many foods traditionally considered healthy are technically carbs, and can fit well into a healthy diet. Whole grains are especially important. Whole-grain foods are high in fiber, which means they keep you full and energized throughout the day.

These foods are also packed with “good” carbs that you shouldn’t worry about enjoying.

Unsweetened oatmeal is a great nutritious breakfast choice, as well as cereals containing 100 percent whole grains. By adding your own fruits, nuts, or other add-ins, you can customize a healthy cereal flavor all your own.

Bread and Pasta
Breads and pastas don’t have to be once-in-awhile indulgences. By looking for varieties made from whole grains, you can get all the health benefits of carbs.

If you’re more of a rice (or quinoa or millet) person, there are plenty of carbs to be found there as well. Brown rice and other grains are the best choice for health, and don’t go crazy on the serving size.

It may come as a surprise, but unbuttered popcorn does count as a whole grain. Air-popped popcorn prepared with your own mix of your favorite spices is certainly a healthier snack choice than chips.

When it comes to carbs, or any other “bad” food group, it’s important to remember that cutting out any one type of food completely from your diet isn’t the way to health. Check out Shape Magazine for more information about “good” carbs, “bad” carbs, and where to find them.

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