5 Fun Ways to Enjoy an Adult Spring Break!

Happy Spring Break, guys! Even if you do not have a week off of like back in the school days, I have good news: There are plenty of ways to enjoy adult versions of Spring Break! Here are five easy, fun, and most importantly, healthy ways to enjoy Spring Break.


1. Take a hiking trip!
Even if you only have a day or two off of work (aka, a weekend), that is plenty of time to go on a long hike. Make it a picnic by packing sparkling water, hummus, and mixed raw vegetables. Becuase I know I always need something to look forward to—besides the beautiful view—by the time I make it to the top!


2. Go on a yoga retreat OR…
Simply start taking yoga classes. If you don’t have the time or the means to take a week off for a yoga retreat, it might be a good idea to at least sign up for the yoga class you have considered taking for so long now. Spring Break is the perfect time to add a new exercise regimen to your life, and yoga is very spring-y. Not to mention, you will build towards that strong summer core you have been craving.



3. Dance!
It seems like I have been pushing the dance craze lately, but I think anyone who doesn’t dance is missing out on some fun! Dancing is so good for your cardiovascular health, and it is SO easy, as well. Even if you are too shy to dance in a class, all you have to do is pull up your blinds, turn up YOUR jams, and dance until you’ve had enough. (Mine usually ends in laughter.) Come on, try it out.



4. Have a nice cocktail.
Now I would be lying to you if I called this a fun Spring Break without a drink in your hand. On your next day (or days) off, I demand you try our Talenti frozen sangria. Thank me later.



5. Go outside!
If you live anywhere near where I live—the Pacific Northwest—spring is not the most dependable of seasons as far as soaking up the sun goes. But regardless of the weather, getting outside is so good for you. Get out there and soak up the sun, or at least some fresh air! Chances are you’ll feel rejuvenated even after a few short minutes in the great outdoors!

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