7 Celebrities Celebrating Weight Loss Success This Spring

Most Americans make the same promise to themselves at the new year, and it doesn’t matter if you live on Main St. or Hollywood Blvd. We all want to lose weight, look fitter, and feel stronger, and the celebrity set isn’t any different from us, except that they do it under the watchful guise of millions. That’s why we want to celebrate the weight loss efforts of a few of these stars.

As we close out the first quarter of the year, several have posted positive returns on those weight loss resolution investments!

CeeLo Green is down more than 12 pounds toward a 50 pound goal since launching the new year as a spokesman for eDiets. When we spoke to the company’s marketing team earlier this year they said CeeLo’s goal was to improve his health and not fixate on a number. The meal-delivery service seems to be a perfect addition to this busy singer’s life.

Melissa Joan Hart is down 20 pounds thanks to a post-baby Nutrisystem diet. The star recently welcomed her third son and has since lost most of that baby weight and picked up a spokesperson contract with the Nutrisystem brand. The meal-delivery diet is helping as is her commitment to stay active and not curl up at the house.

Snooki is down 42 pounds since she delivered her son six months ago, something she says she really wanted. She’s been linked with Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet and Zantrex in the past, but this time around it appears that a healthful approach to eating and work with a personal trainer is keeping her fit.

Carnie Wilson is down 40 pounds since her second bariatric surgery in 2024. The singer and reality TV actress says she doesn’t beat herself up for slip ups that may create minor fluctuations in weight.

Other stars are noticeably thinner on recent red carpets without revealing exactly how much they’ve lost. Christina Aguilera credits reduced production time since leaving The Voice for allowing her to refocus on herself and her son and shed some extra weight that she’s been carrying.

Twilight author Stephanie Meyer has a noticeably thinner face and looks to have lost a couple of dress sizes. And Weight Watchers spokeswoman and soon-to-be mom Jessica Simpson has managed a much healthier pregnancy this time around, clearly not gaining the 50 pounds she gained the first time with daughter Maxwell.

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