9 Signs You’re Addicted to Indoor Cycling

Whether you cycle at the gym or at a cycling specific studio like Soul Cycle or Flywheel Sports, there’s a good chance you’ll go from amateur to addict after a few short sessions. Here are the telltale signs you’ve already made the transition:

cycling shoes

  1. You carry cycling shoes in your purse. Just in case your dinner date cancels/your lunch hour frees up/your favorite instructor announces he’s subbing that afternoon.

    cycling glare

  2. You swear your workout suffers if you don’t get to ride “your bike”. (This is probably because you waste a lot of energy glaring at the girl who snagged your favorite spot. You know who I’m talking about, girl in the turquoise shirt!)cycling date
  3. You have a standing date every Friday night. With your favorite indoor cycling instructor. He’s cute but it’s really his personality you like. And his music.cycling shorts
  4. You “bike” 5 times a week, but you don’t actually own any cycling shorts. (Not to mention a bike!) You’re there to slim down and tone up, not to walk around with an extra padded butt, thank you very much.pushup
  5. You can no longer do push-ups unless your legs are pedaling, muscle memory be damned.cycling instructor
  6. When your indoor cycling instructor asks “Who loves hills?”, you whoop and holler. When she asks, “Who loves sprinting?” you also yell. Because you seriously love it all!cycling lights on
  7. The thought of exercising with the lights on makes you cringe… almost as much as hearing your class is going to be taught by a last-minute sub!computer
  8. The competition starts early in the day while you’re still on your computer. Booking the bike and class you want makes your adrenaline soar. Missing out causes you to question the meaning of life, etc.cycling tour
  9. You’ve never actually watched the Tour de France, yet you totally believe you know what it’s like to ride in it! Because you are hard-core on that bike. Even if it only has one wheel.

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