A Healthy Gambling Problem: Why Weight Loss Betting Sites Work

A diet is never easy, that’s why we have an entire website dedicated to helping you tackle the pesky four letter word. So rejoice, frustrated dieters, for recent trends suggest you don’t have to lose your sanity or money trying to tackle your weight loss goals. In fact, a study by the Annals of Internal Medicine found that financial incentives were a significant tool for getting people to lose weight.

The science is fairly simple: out of the three dieting control groups they tested, the two that had the potential for monetary rewards fared better than the group with none. The control group that lost the most weight was the one that stood to make even more money if their fellow dieting teammates failed to meet weight loss goals. It’s no shocker that Americans will do just about anything to make a buck, and this study is all well and good for the few lucky people chosen, but how does it affect you?

There are legitimate and reputable websites dedicated to a phenomenon called “weight loss betting.” It’s a lot like betting on a horse race, except the betters are the horses and they control the outcome. Better yet, it’s legal, and you have the capacity to gain money while you lose weight.

In consulting with Roni Noone, a healthy lifestyle blogger at RonisWeigh.com, she claimed that money isn’t the only motivating factor in weight loss betting, but that the sense of community within the confines of your weight loss group is a special bond.

“External accountability is important for some people’s weight loss. I’m motivated by motivating others, other people are motivated by knowing someone else is there for them,” said Roni.

The first time she tried a weight loss bet program, the pot was nearly $15,000 with a buy in of $20. With that much money on the table, more people would be likely to strap on the cross trainers and hit the pavement. Weight loss betting sites don’t abide by the honor system, they each have their own way to accurately monitor weight loss. “It’s not like The Biggest Loser,” said Roni. “Everyone’s a winner as long as they meet the goal.”

If you want to try it for yourself, here are three websites to consider:


Host a game with friends or join a random group. The goal is to lose 4% of your body fat in four weeks. Great, easy to use interface with networking features similar to Facebook. Creates a sense of camaraderie and helpful motivation.


Set your weight-loss goal, create a wager, and challenge friends and coworkers. Charts and graphs provide you with a virtual illustration of your progress and private chat rooms fire up your group.

HealthyWage.com Dieters have won nearly $500,000 at this site and lost 900,000 pounds, so they must be doing something right. Similar to the other sites in that you can place a wager and join a team, but different in that you can try their personal weight loss contest.

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