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Lose Weight, Win Big: How to Set Up a Successful Weight Loss Competition

By Team Best Life

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition now and then. In fact, in a recent study from researchers at the Mayo Clinic, people who received a cash reward for meeting their weight loss goals were more likely to stick with it and ended up peeling off more pounds than those who were offered no prizes. The competition offers both accountability and support. And of course, the allure of an award doesn’t hurt.

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Thinking about starting your own weight loss competition? Use these tips to get going:

Recruit a group. Ask friends, neighbors, co-workers or even virtual buddies on Facebook or Twitter to join in. There’s no limit to the amount of participants. If you end up with a large group, you can always separate it into sub-groups (by gender, age, weight loss goals, and so on). (more…)

A Healthy Gambling Problem: Why Weight Loss Betting Sites Work

A diet is never easy, that’s why we have an entire website dedicated to helping you tackle the pesky four letter word. So rejoice, frustrated dieters, for recent trends suggest you don’t have to lose your sanity or money trying to tackle your weight loss goals. In fact, a study by the Annals of Internal Medicine found that financial incentives were a significant tool for getting people to lose weight.

The science is fairly simple: out of the three dieting control groups they tested, the two that had the potential for monetary rewards fared better than the group with none. The control group that lost the most weight was the one that stood to make even more money if their fellow dieting teammates failed to meet weight loss goals. It’s no shocker that Americans will do just about anything to make a buck, and this study is all well and good for the few lucky people chosen, but how does it affect you?

There are legitimate and reputable websites dedicated to a phenomenon called “weight loss betting.” It’s a lot like betting on a horse race, except the betters are the horses and they control the outcome. Better yet, it’s legal, and you have the capacity to gain money while you lose weight. (more…)

Empty Calories Comic: Bet on Your Diet

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Money Hungry Premiere Recap with Contestant Josh Graston

Welcome to the premiere episode of Vh1’s Money Hungry. My name is Josh Graston, and I’m one of the show’s contestants from the Team No Excuses and I will be your guide in this exclusive journey into the world of Bet Dieting. So, with no further adieu, I welcome you to VH1’s Money Hungry.

At the very start of the episode we see the bus loaded with all of the cast trying to make it up the driveway, and our driver Jimmy informing us that we were going to have to walk up the driveway. The cameras did not do the driveway justice, I am here to tell you it was quite steep.

Next we meet our host Dan Cortese. I was genuinely excited that we had a host that I actually recognized, although I kind of wanted a female host. Dan explains the way that our $10,000 entry fee for the show works. The final two teams each receive their entry fee back, with the winning team taking home EVERYONE else’s money, for a grand total of $100,000. Right before we head into the house Dan tells us if we break anything we own it, foreshadowing at its best.

Quickly Kaitlyn and Phillip get the party started with bodyshots, giving us our first glimpse at the amazing sound effects featured on the show. Dan Cortese shows up shortly after and we meet each of the teams and find out their team names.

Money Hungry Teams and Contestants: (more…)

Money Hungry on VH1 Brings Bet Dieting to TV Weight Loss

Weight loss as entertainment, it’s a hot trend in Hollywood right now. The leader being none other than NBC’s Biggest Loser, set to premiere in September its tenth season of competition-based weight loss.

With the weight loss industry being a multi-billion dollar one, fads are as plentiful as they are in music, fashion and other high-yielding industries. Bet dieting is another hot trend now; the idea being that it forces people to almost literally put their money where their mouths are.

So what happens when you’ve got bet dieting and weight loss entertainment as popular trends in the day of an obesity epidemic? You get VH1’s Money Hungry, a new weight loss competition premiering August 2, 2024 at 9/8c. The show will pit 12 pairs of overweight individuals against one another in a temptation-fueled competition where they each stand to lose a lot more than just weight. (more…)

Money Used to Motivate Weight Loss

It is no surprise that money is a bigger motivation for many than their own health. It’s why the cost of fresh foods becomes an excuse why we don’t choose healthier foods. It is also why some people finally quit smoking when taxes are increased. There is even a prize for weight loss, like on the Biggest Loser (both for the finalists and the at-home winner).

Since the first season of the Biggest Loser, employees have gathered together to lose weight together, creating a pot for the participant that loses the weight. StickK is an online community that allows users to create commitment contracts for themselves and wager their own financial incentive. If they do not keep to the plan to which they committed, the money they wagered is given to a person or charity – often one to which they would not generally donate, what stickK calls “anti-charities.”


Bet Dieting with Lose It or Lose It

There’s nothing like a little peer pressure to help you lose weight and get into shape. I remember that I was in the best shape of my life when I had a workout partner at the gym in my 20s. Now that I’m approaching 40 with two children under four-years old, the exercise is a bit more of a challenge to squeeze into my lifestyle.

There’s another bit of pressure that may help you attain your weight loss goals: losing money! The phenomenon known as “bet dieting” is apparently still going strong. Last year, we spotlighted a site known as StickK that uses gambling as a way to keep people motivated to lose weight. You put up money, and if you hit your weight loss goal, you retain your cash. If you lose it, you can even attach it to a charity that you disagree with, making the incentive even higher. These are generally right or left wing political initiatives. If you aren’t politically inclined, the motive of keeping your money is probably still enough

The latest entry into the weight loss betting sites is Lose It or Lose It. The domain name pretty much says it all. You cough up the cash if you don’t reach your goal. But unlike StickK (whose slogan is “Put a contract out on yourself,” by the way), the cash stays with Lose It or Lose It. (more…)

Casting Call for New Weight Loss Show, 100 Lost

clapperboardIf you dream about being a contestant on a reality weight loss show, but have no idea how all of those lucky folks get plucked from the middle of America to land a diet journey of their dreams, today might just be the first day of your weight loss success story.

100 Lost is a new weight loss reality show that is currently looking for teams of two eager individuals who are willing to compete in a competition to lose 100 pounds together with the help of expert health professionals and fitness experts.

“Teams will have a chance to bet their own money, banking on their ability to lose the pounds,” says a press release, taking part of the bet dieting phenomenon. (more…)

How Much are You Willing to Risk to Lose Weight?

black jack cardsWhen playing blackjack are you more likely to bet on the cards you can see or the house hand which you cannot? It may feel like gambling to attempt a lifestyle change, diet, or fitness program. The “reward” is not guaranteed but you will have to ante up something whether it is mental energy, hours of sleep, a favorite television show, your favorite foods, or a preferred beverage.

I was not as consistent as I was instructed to be with my physical therapy routine after my last surgery, probably because it had been more than two years since the original injury. I no longer remembered what it was like to have a pain-free joint, thus I had difficulty visualizing the goal I was trying to achieve. I suppose a part of me did not believe it was possible. As an entrepreneur it was easy to dedicate my time to so many other tasks. (more…)

Bet Dieting Helps Dieters Lose Weight or Lose Money

bet dietingWhen you overeat and don’t exercise, you are gambling with your health. Now, you can quite literally gamble on your health, with the help of a dieting website.

It’s referred to as “bet dieting,” where participants lay a wager on a specific amount of pounds they want to lose. If they don’t make their goal, they lose their money. Presumably, if you win, the reward is your weight loss. All weight loss has to be verified by a referee.

The founders of the StickK bet dieting website claim an effective way to encourage people to lose weight is to get them to nominate a charity whose views they disagree with to receive money if they fail. (more…)

Betting on Diets the New Trend

diet moneyFinding a partner or a social way of losing weight is often touted as one of the most effective ways to shed pounds. A few years ago Biggest Loser inspired similar weight loss challenges across the country, but now people are upping the ante. Dieters want friends and colleagues to put their money where their waist is.

“Diet betting is definitely becoming more popular among friends, relatives and co-workers,” Joy Bauer, author of Joy’s Life Diet, told the New York Times. “It makes life easier if everyone around you is cutting calories, and the amicable competition keeps people driven.”

For Samwoo Ee, the first bet was just a warm-up. (more…)