Casting Call for New Weight Loss Show, 100 Lost

clapperboardIf you dream about being a contestant on a reality weight loss show, but have no idea how all of those lucky folks get plucked from the middle of America to land a diet journey of their dreams, today might just be the first day of your weight loss success story.

100 Lost is a new weight loss reality show that is currently looking for teams of two eager individuals who are willing to compete in a competition to lose 100 pounds together with the help of expert health professionals and fitness experts.

“Teams will have a chance to bet their own money, banking on their ability to lose the pounds,” says a press release, taking part of the bet dieting phenomenon.

A popular, and yet unnamed, cable network is scouring the country to look for such duos who are excited not just about the possibility of losing serious amounts of weight, but about being motivated by a financial incentive to propel them on their weight loss journey.

Here are the requirements: You and a friend, spouse, colleague, sibling or other family member must be serious about losing weight. And they mean serious! If you have passed that very important qualification the next thing you do is email [email protected] or [email protected] the following information:100 lost tv show

  • Names
  • Ages (must 18 years of age or older to apply)
  • Occupations
  • Complete addresses
  • Contact phone numbers
  • Email addresses for both of you
  • Current weights
  • Relationship to one another
  • Current photo of each of you will continue to update as more information about this new show comes about.

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