A Heartbreaking Elimination in Biggest Loser Recap: Season 11 Week 14

This week’s episode starts off with Courtney’s reflections of last week. She only lost two pounds while Jen lost nothing, causing her to be a team of one. She admits there were mistakes made by both of them relaxing too much, causing a disastrous weigh in. Now it is up to her to save herself as well as Brett, because who will he train if she goes home?

There’s a pop challenge right away and it seems pretty easy at first. What is a mile? The teams have fifteen minutes to pace a mile and plant their flag. To the winner goes a night out in Hollywood. The losing teams all have to scrub the ranch. It seems like no one has a clue what to do. They start measuring and what not, but no one is really sure. Turns out the winner was decided by only four feet! For the win, the black team! Hannah gets her night out! But we all know what happened last week when people got some pampering.

There is some concern among the teams as to the numbers they are going to pull this week. Blue and Green have pulled some good numbers the last couple weeks, so they are worried they are going to have a bad week and need to step it up in their workouts. There is someone missing from the black team, however. Rulon. He’s having a talk with Jillian. She is trying to figure out why his eating habits are seeming to go awry with all the rumors going around. She learns he is trying to reward himself for his hard work, and is willing to meet him halfway and show him how to do that without going overboard.

Meanwhile, Courtney has the luxury of working one-on-one with Brett, but knows it is up to her to save herself and her trainer. No one else. She is working with extreme dedication and focus to the point where everyone else is looking at her ferocity knowing she will be OK.

Now it’s Hollywood time! While the Black team is getting all spiffy for their night out, the other teams have to scrub the kitchen. I know how filthy that area can get. When I was there it was an absolute pig sty. I used to clean it on my OWN all the time, so I don’t feel too sorry for them having to do it in a huge group. The Black team departs in their limo and look fantastic as they go around Hollywood enjoying themselves. They go to dinner and have the option of doing what they want, but end up making some pretty healthy choices at the dinner table. Then, some guy starts floating near their table taking notice of Hannah. The guys all of a sudden have to “meet” someone elsewhere and leave her to talk to her admirer. She has a good conversation with the guy and really seems like she is coming into her own.

Now comes the weigh in. This is an absolute crucial moment. Some teams are expecting low numbers after some good numbers in previous weeks. Courtney is a team of one and can only count on herself. Black team is up first and pulls some great numbers for a total of 17 pounds. Seems like their night out didn’t phase them one bit. Blue team has some good numbers as well putting up a 15, which is good enough to keep them safe. Green team doesn’t fare so well. They only lose a total of 7 pounds. This means Courtney only has to lose 3 pounds in order to keep her safe. After much tension, her number comes out. One. Everyone at the weigh in is visibly shaken. People are crying. Trainers are upset. Olivia even offers to go home for her. But Courtney is surprisingly good with the outcome. She realizes that everything happens for a reason. She lost 100 pounds BEFORE she got on the show and knows she doesn’t need the ranch to complete her journey.

Also eliminated from last night’s episode, trainer Brett Hoebel lost his job. With no one left to train, Alison excused him from the game.

I’m really hoping that America realizes now that they do not need to be on the show in order to lose weight and be healthy. Courtney was able to do it before the Biggest Loser and will do it after the Biggest Loser, as is evident in her Where Are They Now piece. She looks fantastic and is going to be the at home winner. I’m calling it now. To see how the players do next week you have to tune it next Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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