Bobby Flay’s Recipe for Getting in Shape: Running, Spinning, and Eating

What do you know about Food Network star Bobby Flay other than the guy really knows his way around a grill?

He is married to Stephanie March. He is a feisty, good-looking redhead. His specialty is barbecue–classy barbecue. Like, culinary school barbecue. And? He is super duper fit. Flay has focused on getting fit over the past few years, which is wonderful for a world famous chef. How does someone who works around the best food all day long do it?

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His recipe includes early morning runs, delicious lunches, biking with his wife, lifting weights with pals, and making lighter brunches. Nothing superstar here, they’re activities that all of us can take part in!

One of my very favorite exercise tips from Flay? Get inspired, and do what you love. For him that’s morning runs, enjoying foods he loves, and even trying new things — something that comes naturally to a chef — like yoga and spin.

Flay is in noticeably in shape, probably the best of his career, and he will tell you exactly how he got there during a new web series that tells his get-fit story on Food Network. It’s totally relateable for the average Joe, which is fantastic for, oh, all of us! He talks about his love of running, but also encourages us to walk around for exercise if that is all we are capable of.

What else does Flay recommend?

“I’m not going to not eat anything that I don’t like, I’m just going to eat less of it, and at the right times of the day.” Good news! You can still eat pasta!

This chef admits he’s no doctor, though he does recommend not omitting carbohydrates entirely, but instead, focusing on portion control and eating at the right time of the day.

Besides food moderation, a major theme for Flay is “motivation,” something that we all struggle with. Flay shares the things that motivate him personally, like early morning runs, keeping a regular workout schedule, and stretching to relieve stress.

Flay’s biggest piece of advice? You have to want it.

The other key themes that Flay explores throughout his web series are discipline, inspiration, support, “mix it up,” and “wrap up.”

A chef and an exercise guru? What more could Flay be capable of?

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