Cameron Diaz’s Career Move to Nutrition Educator Shows Promise

Cameron Diaz has always been known for her amazingly toned physique she credits to her love of outdoor sports like surfing, but it’s not secret that a healthy diet has a huge part to play as well.

Diaz, on the cover of the May issue of InStyle magazine, opened up in an interview about her new career aspiration: becoming a nutrition educator. While the actress plans to continue acting and producing, she wants to share her love of proper nutrition with the world.

“Everyone needs to find a purpose, and I think mine is to help other people,” Diaz said in her InStyle interview. “This project is only in the blueprint stages, but I’m creating a space where I can teach healthy habits that girls can build on. I see women struggling with their bodies because they don’t know how they work on basic levels, starting with nutrition. The more I talk about this with people, the more I realize how much it’s needed. I’m really throwing all of my energy into it.”

Following in the foot steps of other eat-like-me celebs, Diaz may be setting herself up for a hard road ahead if she hopes to gain credibility. Like Gwyneth Paltrow, who’s GOOP newsletter has gained a cult like following as well as many critics, Diaz should prepare for eye rolls and “if I had a trainer and personal chef…” remarks.

Diaz is a beautiful leggy actress and former model, so many are questioning how well she can relate to the average person, and vice versa.

Is this fair? Probably not. I, personally, would love to know how Diaz eats to stay in shape. There is no denying that she works hard for her body- muscles like that don’t come without hard work- and her focus on knowledge and understanding of how food effects your body has me hopeful she will be fighting the good fight.

While hardly handicapped in the looks department, Diaz has been picked apart by tabloids and blogs for being too “masculine” and muscular, which is a shame. While too thin celebrities are mocked for their dangerously unhealthy diets and over weight celebrities get their cellulite photographed for all to see, it’s refreshing to see someone so obviously dedicated to health and fitness step up and set a good example.

Her career switch is still in its infancy, so exactly what advice she will be dispensing and how remains to be seen, but with a body like that, I’ll be taking notes.

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