Chaz Bono’s 60-Pound Weight Loss Praised by Dr. Travis Stork

Chaz Bono has achieved the goal he set last November. At last weekend’s GLAAD awards, Bono revealed his 6o-pound weight loss. He credits his weight loss to changing his diet, using the Freshology meal delivery plan and staying active.

Chaz Bono

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant says that he is still taking dance classes and as also started martial arts training. Bono started his current weight loss journey with the help of The Doctors co-host Dr. Travis Stork, who recommended that at 250-pounds, 5 foot 5 1/2 inches, Bono should lose 5o pounds to 80 pounds.

“Everyone at The Doctors is proud of Chaz’s progress and we look forward to sharing his continued progress in the fall,” Dr. Stork told

The child of singing sensations Sonny and Cher, Bono has struggled with weight his entire life. During his meeting with Dr. Stork he said, “Because I’m transgender, I was always completely disconnected from my body. I really lived in my head and just kind of tried to ignore everything from the neck down.”

Dr. Stork told us that Bono isn’t unlike many Americans who struggle to make good choices when it comes to their health. “Chaz has dramatically improved his overall health in just a few short months by embracing nutritious foods and realizing that exercise can be enjoyable,” Dr. Stork said. “He’s embraced fun physical activities that he loves.”

After appearances on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club in 2006 and Dancing With the Stars in 2024, Bono became more committed to losing and keeping off the weight. During his time on Dancing with the Stars, he, along with the other stars on the show, used Freshology to eat healthy, calorie-controlled meals. He turned to Freshology again to kick-off his current weight loss venture.

Freshology is a meal delivery program that sends weekly fresh or frozen meals to its clients. The meals can be customized within a range depending on individual preference. Freshology also allows for upgrades in the meals like organic food or all-natural meals. Bono took what he learned from eating on Freshology and applied it to his eating habits. “I’ve just changed the way I eat,” he told People magazine.

By changing how he eats and staying physically active, Bono has achieved his weight loss goals in a healthy, positive way.

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