Choose a Premium Diet to Fuel Your Body

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I’ll never forget the first time I had to fill a car with gasoline. I was an inexperienced driver and was extremely surprised to see such a variety of choices when it came to fuel. There was unleaded, mid-grade, premium, or diesel. How was I supposed to decide?

The diesel fuel was the cheapest, so my first inclination was to use that. Lucky for me, however, I was with a friend who knew more about gasoline than I did and explained to me why I shouldn’t fill a regular car with diesel fuel. I had no idea there would be such negative complications by putting the wrong type of fuel into my car… and obviously, I wanted to avoid that detrimental outcome.

The same thing is true for our bodies. Each time we eat, we are putting fuel into our body that we rely upon for energy and stamina. However, just like with the car scenario, if we choose to put the wrong type of fuel into our bodies, there will be negative consequences.

If we select a low-grade diet that consists of highly processed foods and refined sugars, our bodies won’t run properly and may eventually break down. Regularly ingesting the wrong type of fuel can cause weight gain, debilitating diseases, low energy levels, feelings of discouragement, and less than optimal performance.

Just like you wouldn’t want to carelessly ruin your car by filling it up with the wrong type of gasoline, you wouldn’t want to neglect your body by regularly feeding it junk food. In fact, we depend on our bodies so much more than we do a vehicle, to get us around, help us accelerate in life, and move in a forward direction.

When you are deciding on what foods to eat, take some time to think about what FUEL you want inside of your engine. Do you want the cheap unleaded stuff that limits your performance? Or do you want something better like premium fuel that will keep you efficient and reliable?

Eating a diet rich with fruits, vegetable, lean protein, and whole grains is the first step to having a healthy body. The second step is to exercise and move your body often enough, so you can USE up the fuel that you take in!

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Yes, food is the fuel that nourishes our body and our soul! We should love it, enjoy it, and choose the best quality and nutrition we possibly can. And, we shouldn’t feel guilty when we eat it. If we choose the right kind and amount of food, food is nothing but pleasure that makes us feel great!

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