Coleen’s Biggest Loser 7-14 Recap

Temptations on the Biggest Loser usually bring two things, high calorie foods and big ticket prizes. The contestants came into the gym where they met Ali who had serving trays with a variety of items under the lids. You could play to win total control of the game, but you had to eat whatever was under your tray before you moved on. The big ticket prize offers the winner, the only vote at this week’s elimination.

helen-phillips-and-laura-denouxFirst, you had to find it. Everyone began to play, which meant, everyone began to eat. Cupcakes, soda, pretzels and donuts. There were packs of sugar-free gum that offered cash prizes from $500 to $5000… but those were nothing compared to having the only vote. Finally, Laura after finding $5000 also found herself the golden ticket and won the only vote for at this week’s elimination.

It was Boys v. Girls at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, CA at this week’s challenge. Everyone would be running up and down the stairs of the stadium. The first two people to grab their flag and bring it to the 50 yard line, get to do it all over and face off for first place. The winner will get to share their prize with their families, a trip to the Fitness Ridge Resort & Spa in Utah. Tara and Sione were the first two to bring their flags down, as they faced off for the win, Tara took a slight lead over Sione beating him to the 50 yard line. Tara wins another challenge and a great prize to share with her family.

Tara barely escaped the yellow line, but Sione and Helen fell below. Laura had a tough, but important, decision ahead of her. After her hour of deliberation and conversation with the two in danger of leaving, Laura chose to vote off Sione.
Since leaving the ranch, Sione has been doing great. He’s down 137 pounds and working towards becoming a personal trainer. Becoming a personal trainer will help Sione inspire his family to make better choices and live healthier. Sione is almost unrecognizable compared to the day he walked on to the ranch.

2 Responses to Coleen’s Biggest Loser 7-14 Recap

sue says:

great re-cap fell asleep last night and you caught me up!

webgoddess says:

Hey Colleen, it was really awesome seeing you and your dad on this week’s episode 🙂

Laura was awesome this week, not only did she get the $5k but also the only vote. It sucked to see Sione go but he was really cool about it, and he is doing so awesome since coming back home. I’m glad Tara won the challenge. Sadly that 4000+ calories she consumed hurt her on the scale; I honestly don’t think she tried throwing the weigh-in this time, just her heart wasn’t in it this week other than at the challenge. Ron still annoys me a lot, I do really like Mike but Ron is so manipulative when it comes to self-preservation. Also Mike has lost plenty of weight so he doesn’t “need to be there” so much anymore; his life should be on track now. So Ron whining about how his great weight loss sucked because he beat his son doesn’t work for me. I’d vote off Ron in a hearbeat because he has no loyalty to anyone else other than his son when it really comes down to the wire.

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