Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-15

The game is on at the Biggest Loser ranch as the contestants strap in for one crazy challenge. Hovering over a deep canyon are wire cables that run from one side to the next. By using only two cables, the contestants will have to stride their way across 700 feet of canyon to the other side. The highest point of the canyon has the contestants dangling 110 feet in the air, or 10 stories high! As they traverse for the chance to win a $25,000 kitchen makeover and their refrigerators restocked with healthy goodness, Tara and Filipe fight neck-and-neck for the big win. Even after losing her step, Tara pulled her way back up and took the lead from Filipe.

biggest-loser-makeoversTara’s kitchen wasn’t the only thing getting a makeover this week, contestants are being made over, too! Makeover week is a big milestone for the contestants because of the symbolic ‘out with the old and in with the new.’ Fashion guru Tim Gunn shows the contestants how to dress for their new bodies and “make it work.”

At an LA salon, Australian hair stylist Tabatha Coffey completes the contestant makeovers with an amazing new ‘do. Now that everyone is all glamorous, they’re surprised with a Hollywood movie premiere where they’re greeted by family and friends. This is no ordinary movie premiere. It’s a movie about their journey on the Biggest Loser.

With no time to waste, Jillian and Bob worked their teams out in typical last chance workout, lots of pain, sweat and tears. Unfortunately for Kristin and Laura, the sweat and tears weren’t enough to keep them above the yellow line and both were up for elimination. When it came down to it, the decision on whether to send Kristin or Laura home became clear when the contestants took into consideration that Laura had serious sports injury. The stress fracture in her hip prevented her from barely applying pressure and her injury had her missing out on a lot of the ranch activities.

Upon her elimination, Laura informed America that the next time they saw her she’d be “pain free, injury free and living the life she always dreamed of.” Laura isn’t letting her fractured hip stand in the way of her reaching her goals. She’s working hard with a trainer and seeing a physical therapist to help her in the healing process. Laura is loving her new life and continuing to work towards her goal of losing 100 pounds by the finale.

5 Responses to Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-15

webgoddess says:

Everyone looked fantastic in the makeover sessions. I’m sure that Mike will be able to help out his brother to also achieve amazing results.

Tara looked like a movie star, seriously, she is hotter than many of the hollywood celebrities. I was so proud of her, especially how she fell off the wire and instead of giving up turned around and won the challenge. She is so awesome and inspirational.

I felt really bad for Laura. Her injury really sucked and came at the worst time. She could have gone on to be in the final 3 for sure. I would have voted her off though because Kristin could take full advantage of the BL ranch, whereas Laura really needed to work with a physical therapist instead of someone like Jillian. I’m very happy though that Laura’s recovery is on track and she’s still losing weight.

eileen says:

great job

Marie C says:

Great job Coleen…you covered everything well! I loved this episode even though I cried harder than usual!

Michelle says:

They all looked so good. Tara is just kick and I’m betting either she or Mike take it all. I cried when Mike’s brother saw him, felt so bad for him, bless his heart.

Carmen says:

About three months ago, I tore my gastrocnemius. It took me completely out of my beloved martial arts classes, so I know exactly how Laura felt, hearing that she wasn’t going to be able to exercise. I think it was the smartest decision to vote her off – she may not have presented the biggest threat, but she really needed to be able to work with a physical therapist.

Everyone look amazing, most of all Tara and Mike.

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