Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-16

Rosemary Ellis of Good Housekeeping magazine joined Ali Sweeney to give the contestants a quiz on fitness and food trivia. The contestants are about to put their knowledge to the test. The person with the most correct answers wins a 3-day trip to New York City, everyone puts their game faces on and the quiz begins. With questions about hidden serving sizes to calories, we get down to a tiebreaker between Kristin and Mike. Guessing the number of calories in a fast food sandwich, Mike beats Kristin in the quiz and wins himself a great getaway to New York!

biggest-loser-challengeThe challenge this week on the Biggest Loser can be referred to as one of the most terrifying challenges yet. Even with all the contestants having been through marathons, cycling for 24 hours and traversing a canyon, this challenge tops them off. Suspended 45 feet in the air in a cage, each person will have a rope to hold onto. Holding onto this rope means keeping yourself suspended and keeping yourself in the game. As the contestants hold their body weight suspended in the air, the heights start to take their toll on the players. Tara and Helen become the final two in the air holding on for that prize. The winner will get the choice between $10,000 or a one pound advantage at the weigh-in. This game is coming down to the wire and everyone knows how valuable any type of advantage can be. Helen runs out of rope and Tara takes the win in yet another challenge.

At the weigh-in Tara informs Ali of her prize decision. Tara opts to take the $10,000 because she trusts herself for the week and is confident in her work. The scale doesn’t lie, Tara loses 5 pounds this week and doesn’t need the one pound advantage. Sadly, Helen and Kristin both find themselves below the yellow line this week. Helen expresses that she’s just not ready to leave and Kristin urges the players to do the right thing and keep her in the game. In the elimination room with a tie, Kristin, the person with the lower percentage is eliminated.

Kristin has made amazing changes for herself. She’s lost more weight than any woman on the Biggest Loser campus and has made the decision to be healthy for herself. At home, she’s paying it forward by inspiring people around her to make the same changes for themselves. To simply believe. Kristin hopes to be under 200 pounds by the finale in May.

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coleen in ga says:

your doing a good job very proud of ya! keep it up!
Coleen in Ga

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