Concerns About Snooki’s Dirty Mouth and Health Habits During Pregnancy

It’s official, Snooki is pregnant, and feisty.

The reality star’s spokesperson confirmed back in March that she and fiancé, Jionni LaValle, are expecting. Since then, Snooki’s remained active on Twitter interacting with users about how her pregnancy is going – some supportive, some not.

One user reportedly joked, “I keep hearing you’re going to birth a Dorito,” in mockery of her overly-tanned body. Un-phased, Snooki sarcastically replied, “Or a Cheeto.” One of the other more brash comments from the 24-year-old was that if anyone gets in her way, she’s not above hurting a b****.

Really? While you’re pregnant? We certainly hope that’s a joke. After all, there has been research that shows how music and language can affect an infant’s development before it’s even born. One such study published in Current Biology and Science Daily suggested that infants begin picking up elements of what will be their first language while still in the womb. And similar research showed that human fetuses are capable of memorizing sounds by the last trimester, with a particular sensitivity to melody in music and language.

And since newborns typically prefer their mother’s voices over other sounds and perceive the emotional content of messages conveyed in maternal speech, we hope Snooki cleans up her language or her baby’s first words are likely to be something like ‘I will cut you.’

Another concern? Speculations still swarm that Snooki may be suffering from an eating disorder, which could be violently dangerous to her pregnancy. These concerns arose after Snooki opened up about suffering from anorexia in high school and then lost a considerable amount of weight following the cookie diet and taking the diet pill Zantrex-3. Snooki even announced at one point that her goal was to weigh 85 pounds – which is a low weight even for someone of her petite 4’10” frame.

We just hope she’s being responsible in her pregnancy for the sake of her own health, and the health of her child.

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