How to Drop 5 Pounds Fast!

Have you been training hard and can’t seem to drop that last five measly pounds? Are you constantly hungry or starving yourself? Well, it’s time to stop that nonsense. The key to dropping weight is changing your way of life by either adding something or taking it away. By following the five tips below you will not only be successful with weight loss, you will feel better and have more energy.

Minimize Alcohol – Alcohol is one of the main causes of weight problems. Avoiding it will bring dramatic results. Not only will you feel better, you will be more productive with your daily routine. Alcohol has seven calories per gram, and your body processes alcohol first (before fat, carbohydrate, or protein), thus slowing down fat burning.

Change Your Cardio Workout – Cardiovascular training plays a huge role as well. It has been proven that your body adapts to its surroundings, and exercise is no exception. If you do the recommended 30 minutes a day for five days a week for an extended period of time, your body will adapt to the training, and will eventually not benefit from the workout. Thus changing or adding elements to your cardiovascular training is vital. I recommend adding 10 to 15 minutes each day for the next two months and the benefits will be tremendous.

Eat Carbs Early, Avoid Later – Carbohydrates fuel the body, and the body burns them before fat. Therefore, if you avoid carbohydrates after lunch, it will allow your body to burn fat. The body burns protein at a rapid pace as well, so eating a high protein diet is a must.

Sleep Helps You Lose Weight Rest is also a must. Getting plenty of sleep each night will allow your body to function more efficiently, and energy levels will be at their peak.

Try the Acai Berry – Lastly, the acai berry is simply amazing. The acai berry has been proven to increase energy levels, reduce appetite, and promote weight loss. Research more about it beforehand, and consult your physician. This goes for any change in your diet or exercise if you have any health risks. Good luck!

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Your best bet with acai berry is to eat the whole fruit, and to avoid fad diet pills.

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