How to Perfectly Hard Boil an Egg

By Jessie Gorges

Easter isn’t far away, and nothing is more symbolic of Easter than an egg. Its symbolism is simple to understand: rebirth and the resurrection of Jesus. However, the act of boiling an egg is not.

Whether you’ll be making deviled eggs for your Easter gathering, or boiling and dying them for an egg hunt, that painstaking task is unavoidable. Not to worry, because listed below are the most precise directions to creating the perfectly egg- not too runny in the center, and no unappetizing gray ring around the yolk.

Here are four simple steps to boiling an egg, and the results will never disappoint you:

1. Place the eggs in a saucepan in a single layer. Water needs to cover the egg by at least an inch. Salt the water so that if there are any cracks in your eggs, they will congeal and not leak out.

2. Cover pot with a lid and brings water to a rolling boil. Once water is boiling, turn off the burner. Set the timer for ten minutes, and let them stand.

3. Drain the saucepan and place the eggs in a bowl of cold water for another minute to stop the cooking process.

4. Peel the eggs by first tapping them on a hard surface, then roll them around to completely crack the shell. Dip them back into the cold water and remove the shell piece by piece.

Eggs have wonderful health benefits. Recent studies show that eating eggs regularly may help prevent heart disease and breast cancer. Additionally, they are one of the few foods that have naturally occurring vitamin D. With roughly 70 calories in an egg, they make a healthy snack and should be eaten regularly, not just at Easter-time.

Via Real Simple and The Health Diaries

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