Lose Weight, Get Rewarded with Fast Food

Somehow that just doesn’t quite sound right, but it’s true. Today’s Daily Oklahoman has a half-page advertisement from Taco Bell tying into the Mayor’s million pound challenge. Since we don’t really seem to be doing too well (average of 4.02 lbs lost over four months), Taco Bell is offering a little motivation. “When the milestone of 100,000 pounds is reached, we’ll give a FREE Fresco Taco to everyone in OKC!”

Taco Bell offers a Fresco menu with nine items under 9 grams of fat that is advertised on the home page of the OKC Million. If you sign up for the challenge, there’s a coupon to get a Fresco taco now. That would make two Fresco tacos, one now and one when Oklahoma loses 100,000 lbs.

I’ll leave it up to the experts to figure out whether nutritional values of the company’s Fresco menu is good or bad for dieters, but I think I better stay away for now. It’s just too hard to stop at just one!

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Brandi says:

This is a little absurd to me!! As with a lot of “diet” food- it’s marketed as healthy, but when you look at those nutrition stats it’s less than appealing. The Fresco Taco is the lesser of the evils on that Fresco Menu- but it’s not great. And who eats one taco for a meal? Meaning you’ll load up on a few and really do yourself in. The sodium levels are frightening, a lot of saturated fat, very high calories and some of the items have trans fats.

OKC has one of the highest number of fast food restaurants in the entire country, which I’m sure had a lot to do with moving that city to be amongst the fattest people in the country. I’m not impressed with Taco Bell for using this marketing ploy and I’m not impressed with the OKC Million to accept the offer from Taco Bell to present this to its citizens.

The whole thing seems backwards to me.

Neill Harmer says:

Speaking as an Oklahoman, and with having a weight loss of currently 100 pounds (in about 6 months) without surgery. I say it is possible to do, but the OKC MILLION Challenge does nothing to really support its people.

Most people have no clue how to lose weight, and even fewer know how to lose weight correctly. In my opinion they don’t educate people well enough on the site on how to lose weight, they don’t have a support system (forum) that members can help members; mostly the site seems about gathering peoples information (name, email, etc) and having em update a weight and that’s it.

Give people a reason to come to the site, EDUCATE them.

And Taco Bell, really? I mean, wow. Did Subway turn you down, or did Taco Bell just offer more money?

Neill Harmer.

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