Molly Sims on Staying Fit and Giving into Cravings During Pregnancy

Can I just say I love Molly Sims?

Ever since I discovered her as a model and makeover show host on MTV in the ’90s, and then later as a lovable actress in some of my most favorite movies, I just adored her. So when I found out she and her film producer husband, Scott Tuber, were expecting, I was thrilled. It was almost as if I felt close enough to her personally to squeal in excitement when I heard the news. Yep, I guess that makes me one of those people.

Yesterday Sims appeared on The Talk where she did a surprise reveal of the sex of the baby. She and her hubby are having a little boy, and although she admitted Tuber would’ve loved a girl, she said he’s a huge sports freak so they couldn’t be happier. And though she didn’t dish any potential names during her show, she’s right around 5 months and just happy her pregnancy is a healthy one so far. There’s still plenty of time for brainstorming names before the baby arrives.

On her blog,, Sims talks about how she’s dealt with cravings so far, admitting they’ve been one of the craziest parts of a pregnancy. “You think you know your body and your palate – and maybe you’re really good at eating healthy and sticking to a regimented diet,” writes Sims, “and then it all goes haywire!”

Up to this point Sims says she’s been craving satisfying foods like pancakes, burgers and brownie batter frozen yogurt. And earlier in her pregnancy she craved a steak at one point, and ended up pulling the car over right that minute and getting one. She’s also unashamedly admitted that she’s been consuming more Kraft Easy Mac than she’s ever previously eaten in her life. But that she’s balancing it out with lots of fruit – especially mango.

While Sims has been giving in to many of her cravings, she’s also tried to keep in mind that her doctors recommend only upping her calorie count by 300 a day during her pregnancy, so she’s keeping it within limits.

When it comes to fitness, Sims is has long been committed to maintaining her model physique. In addition to working out on her own, she’s also recently been promoting Tracy Anderson’s Method Workouts, which have become extremely popular among Hollywood celebrities and expectant moms.

And although most would assume otherwise, Sims says she wasn’t handed the body she has. “I have to work out 60 to 90 minutes at least five days a week and stick to a high-fiber, low-calorie eating plan,” she says. Of course, those numbers likely vary during her pregnancy, but she’s staying active nonetheless, and even reportedly shot a spread for Fit Pregnancy that should be on shelves soon.

Sims and Tuber were wed in Napa Valley just last year and this is their first child together. We can’t wait to follow her pregnancy and see how she delves into a fit and healthy motherhood.

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