My exercise plan- week 1

Remember that first episode of Biggest Loser– and all the contestants were puking? That’s how I feel right now. I just wrapped my first session with my personal trainer. The part that hurts the most- my elbows. Explain that to me.

We’re going to meet two days a week- weights and core strengthening. Three days a week I’ll do an hour of cardio on my own. My goal? Tone up, look as healthy as my age should be and as healthy as my mind thinks I am. I’d like to lose about 10-15 pounds. Ultimately, I want a weight that is healthy for me, and a body shape that I’m comfortable with.

I’ve never bought in to the mega-thin super model, Hollywood definition of thin, or even body image. Jenny Craig’s new spokeswoman Queen Latifah says it best in the diet program’s ad campaign- why should myself or anyone else care what “size” I am. “Size Healthier” is what the Queen’s goal is and I think that sounds pretty good.

I want to share my progress with you, as well as my experience in the gym. That means boldly going where I’ve never gone before- telling the world what I weigh. I’ve shared a lot of personal stuff on the Internet- but never this.
Starting Weight: 143
Starting BMI: 24.5
Starting Inches at waist: 33

There, I said it. Those numbers are also written on my bathroom mirror. Staring me down, mocking me as if to say “Every time you think about skipping the gym- is a chance missed to erase these numbers and replace them with something better.”

Unlike a lot of people losing weight- be it 10 pounds or 100 pounds- I’m not changing my eating habits and introducing a gym routine all at the same time. My husband and I have spent the better part of the past year “making over” our kitchen. I’m pretty happy with our diet, the new healthier finds we’ve made, things we’ve cut out that I don’t particularly miss. I plan on sharing this with you too, because it’s possible you have a pantry that could use a makeover.

Long introduction for today. My first training session was tough, but here’s a look at what we did today, and I imagine continuing to do. To be honest, I don’t know what the “official” name is for this stuff, but I’ll get back to you on that.
– Warm up with 3 minutes on treadmill, cool down 3 minutes on treadmill
– 2 sets of 30 squats
– 2 sets of 30 step ups, each leg (raise self on one leg, while standing 1′ off ground)
– 2 sets of 30 crunches, lying on bench
– 2 sets of 40 leg lifts, each leg (lying on side, raising leg)
– 2 sets of 30 – lying on back lifting 5 pd weights
– 2 sets of 30 shoulder presses
– 2, 5 minute sets on elliptical
– 2 sets of 20 each of the following crunches, lying flat on floor:
– 20 regular crunches
– 20 criss-cross crunches (rest left leg on right knee, right elbow touches left knee)
– 20 bicycle crunches (moving legs as if peddling, elbows touch opposite knees)

He told me to be sure to eat something small before I head to the gym- banana, apple, cheese stick. I learned that I did not bring enough water with me and will definitely get a bigger bottle next time. He also told me to eat a small snack, ideally protein, when I finish and to continue drinking plenty of water. Good thing that’s all I drink anyway!

It’s 24 hours later and oh man am I sore! I’ve had two abdominal surgeries- and I would place the pain I’m feeling up there with post-surgery. Just achy, achy muscles. You never realize how much you use those until they don’t want to be used.

I did my cardio tonight. I was supposed to do an hour, I got through 45 minutes. The trainer will be back tomorrow afternoon- and all I have to say is- it’s gonna hurt.

3 Responses to My exercise plan- week 1

JimmyC says:

GOOOO BRANDI!!! The rest of the cheers you on.

Teresa "tee" says:

what can i do for warming up in replace of the treadmill?

Brandi says:

The treadmill was actually a really easy warm-up, Teresa. About 3 minutes at a fast walking speed. If you don’t have a treadmill- today we went for a quick 10 minute jog. I’d say a quick walk around the block would do well, too. Anything that’s going to get your heart going and muscles warmed up.

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