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Jenny Craig Spokeswomen are Inspiring!

One of the most popular diet programs available for women, Jenny Craig has a fierce and loyal following. With more than 640 centers around the world and amazingly delicious pre-packaged meals, it’s not hard to see why so many women love the Jenny Craig system.jenny craig

With its focus on food, body and mind, Jenny Craig is a well-rounded weight loss program that offers the training and support you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Its varied programs and pre-packaged meals and snacks offers the convenience of healthy eating in combination with a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle.

But, without a doubt, one of the most effective elements to the Jenny Craig system would have to be the selection of their spokeswomen. Typically a woman who is in need of weight loss, she puts a human face on the program and inspires the members of the program to work hard and get the results that they want. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and recent choices for Jenny Craig spokeswomen. (more…)

Queen Latifah Tells Oprah How She Lost 20 Pounds

It was Queen vs. Queen today on the Oprah show. Queen Latifah was there to promote her new movie, “The Secret Life of Bees,” and then if you can believe it, talked about her other role as spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

Her campaign for the popular celeb-endorsed diet plan kicked off in December 2022, just as the light was fading on Valerie Bertinelli‘s endorsement. The campaign was different than the previous “lose a lot of weight” attitude, she announced she wanted to be “a size healthier.” She told Oprah today that her participation with Jenny Craig was strictly to improve her health. To date, she’s lost 20 pounds.

 queen latifah on oprah

It wasn’t about body image. I don’t feel self-conscious about my body. I feel proud of myself,” she says. “I feel confident in myself, but [I signed on] for health reasons.”

She said no matter where she is, home, traveling or working on a movie set, the convenient Jenny Craig meals are always with her. Queen Latifah also meets with with her counselor regularly to monitor progress and she exercises more. She’s conscious of portions and the type of food she eats.

My exercise plan- week 1

Remember that first episode of Biggest Loser– and all the contestants were puking? That’s how I feel right now. I just wrapped my first session with my personal trainer. The part that hurts the most- my elbows. Explain that to me.

We’re going to meet two days a week- weights and core strengthening. Three days a week I’ll do an hour of cardio on my own. My goal? Tone up, look as healthy as my age should be and as healthy as my mind thinks I am. I’d like to lose about 10-15 pounds. Ultimately, I want a weight that is healthy for me, and a body shape that I’m comfortable with.

I’ve never bought in to the mega-thin super model, Hollywood definition of thin, or even body image. Jenny Craig’s new spokeswoman Queen Latifah says it best in the diet program’s ad campaign- why should myself or anyone else care what “size” I am. “Size Healthier” is what the Queen’s goal is and I think that sounds pretty good.

I want to share my progress with you, as well as my experience in the gym. That means boldly going where I’ve never gone before- telling the world what I weigh. I’ve shared a lot of personal stuff on the Internet- but never this.
Starting Weight: 143
Starting BMI: 24.5
Starting Inches at waist: 33

There, I said it. Those numbers are also written on my bathroom mirror. Staring me down, mocking me as if to say “Every time you think about skipping the gym- is a chance missed to erase these numbers and replace them with something better.”

Unlike a lot of people losing weight- be it 10 pounds or 100 pounds- I’m not changing my eating habits and introducing a gym routine all at the same time. My husband and I have spent the better part of the past year “making over” our kitchen. I’m pretty happy with our diet, the new healthier finds we’ve made, things we’ve cut out that I don’t particularly miss. I plan on sharing this with you too, because it’s possible you have a pantry that could use a makeover.

Long introduction for today. My first training session was tough, but here’s a look at what we did today, and I imagine continuing to do. To be honest, I don’t know what the “official” name is for this stuff, but I’ll get back to you on that.
– Warm up with 3 minutes on treadmill, cool down 3 minutes on treadmill
– 2 sets of 30 squats
– 2 sets of 30 step ups, each leg (raise self on one leg, while standing 1′ off ground)
– 2 sets of 30 crunches, lying on bench
– 2 sets of 40 leg lifts, each leg (lying on side, raising leg)
– 2 sets of 30 – lying on back lifting 5 pd weights
– 2 sets of 30 shoulder presses
– 2, 5 minute sets on elliptical
– 2 sets of 20 each of the following crunches, lying flat on floor:
– 20 regular crunches
– 20 criss-cross crunches (rest left leg on right knee, right elbow touches left knee)
– 20 bicycle crunches (moving legs as if peddling, elbows touch opposite knees)

He told me to be sure to eat something small before I head to the gym- banana, apple, cheese stick. I learned that I did not bring enough water with me and will definitely get a bigger bottle next time. He also told me to eat a small snack, ideally protein, when I finish and to continue drinking plenty of water. Good thing that’s all I drink anyway!

It’s 24 hours later and oh man am I sore! I’ve had two abdominal surgeries- and I would place the pain I’m feeling up there with post-surgery. Just achy, achy muscles. You never realize how much you use those until they don’t want to be used.

I did my cardio tonight. I was supposed to do an hour, I got through 45 minutes. The trainer will be back tomorrow afternoon- and all I have to say is- it’s gonna hurt.

Jenny and the Queen

As Kirstie Alley steps out of Jenny Craig’s spotlight, Queen Latifah is stepping in. She’s the third Hollywood star to use the betterment of her own health to pitch Jenny Craig’s phenomenal weight loss program (along with Valerie Bertinelli) in an ad campaign that began roughly three years ago.

In Queen Latifah’s new Jenny Craig commercial, she talks about not watching the number on the scale, but just being more aware of her overall health and weight. She is recommending we lose 5-10% of our body weight and increase activity to lessen our chances of weight-related illnesses like type II diabetes.

Queen Latifah is one of the most inspiring women of our day, and I’m anxious to follow her progress with the program as I know she’ll be a heroine to many women struggling to, as she is encouraging, take that first step toward losing weight.