Queen Latifah Tells Oprah How She Lost 20 Pounds

It was Queen vs. Queen today on the Oprah show. Queen Latifah was there to promote her new movie, “The Secret Life of Bees,” and then if you can believe it, talked about her other role as spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

Her campaign for the popular celeb-endorsed diet plan kicked off in December 2020, just as the light was fading on Valerie Bertinelli‘s endorsement. The campaign was different than the previous “lose a lot of weight” attitude, she announced she wanted to be “a size healthier.” She told Oprah today that her participation with Jenny Craig was strictly to improve her health. To date, she’s lost 20 pounds.

 queen latifah on oprah

It wasn’t about body image. I don’t feel self-conscious about my body. I feel proud of myself,” she says. “I feel confident in myself, but [I signed on] for health reasons.”

She said no matter where she is, home, traveling or working on a movie set, the convenient Jenny Craig meals are always with her. Queen Latifah also meets with with her counselor regularly to monitor progress and she exercises more. She’s conscious of portions and the type of food she eats.

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