New Dating Show for Average-Sized Singles Offers ‘More to Love’

If all of the skinny-minnies on the Bachelor have you feeling like there is no hope for an averaged-sized single guy or gal like yourself to find true love, think again. Fox network is just about to start  casting contestants for its new dating reality show “More to Love.”red daisy heart

Women who aren’t as glitzy and tiny as the Bachelorette hopefuls will vie for one man, who is being labeled as a “Kevin James type,” by going on extravagant dates. One new category that is being added is having contestants undergo a makeover, but not the physical kind. Instead, producers of More to Love want to send the message to viewers as well as the contestants that you don’t have to be a size 2 to find love. Producers are adamant that the women will not skinny down in order to make them more enticing to their potential suitor.

Since we are so inundated with messages from television shows, magazines, movies and Hollywood drama that in order to be qualified to find love, you have to be thin and model-gorgeous, a show like More to Love has the potential to send an important message out there to discouraged singles whose self-esteem suffers because of their body image. will keep you posted as more details about this show are revealed.

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