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Dieting Together: A Roadmap For Couples

By Jennifer Gregory

Oftentimes couples gain weight together because of sharing unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. And many people find it challenging to lose weight when their other half continues to live the couch potato life.

The good news? Couples who diet together, benefit together. Here are some ways couples can start out and support each other on their mutual weight loss journeys.


Your Dating While Dieting Survival Guide

By Jennifer Gregory

While dieting at any time requires planning and willpower, dating while on a diet can pose some extra challenges. Many dates revolve around dinner or drinks, and once you hit it off with someone it can be easy to spend time with your new partner instead of heading to the gym. If you aren’t careful, you can quickly gain back the five pounds you spent the last month working so hard to lose.

But don’t despair, it is very possible to both date and continue to lose weight by following a few simple tips:

Plan Active Dates

Instead of meeting for a meal, suggest a date where you both get moving. “Dieting is not all about food, it’s about being active, too,” said Kenzie Harrick, Certified Health Coach at KHolistic.com. Some ideas include a bike ride, kayaking, hiking, roller skating or even throwing football in the park together. “Active dates are a creative date idea, a way to exercise and a way to test your connection with more than dinner conversation,” said Harrick. During dates where you do eat out, suggest an after dinner walk to work off the calories and get some fresh air.


Avoid Packing on the New Relationship Pounds

Dating – either as a single person or half of a committed couplecan make for a very exciting time. When you think of going on a date, most often you might envision dinner, maybe a movie, or coffee and dessert.

New relationships always seem to pack on the pounds. Many experts say it is because once you are comfortable, happy and secure in a relationship, you are not as diligent about your physical appearance. While in the beginning it is a nice feeling to be able to relax in a new and exciting relationship, a few months in, you may look in the mirror and wonder where all your hard work went.

Especially in the summer, dating can often involve activities and foods to keep your temperature down, but summer time dating doesn’t have to be a body buster. Instead of curling up with your cutie in a dark room, some ice cream and watching TV, here are some terrific summer date activities that will help you keep your cool, but won’t leave you running for a mu-mu to cover up your not quite ready for close up body.


More to Love Recap: Episode 4

luke conley more to loveLuke treated his girls to a day at the spa on Newport Beach on this week’s episode of Fox’s “More to Love.”

Over massages, lavish spa meals, hot tubs with champagne, avocado and cucumber facials, the remaining eight lovely bachelorettes bonded with each other while still trying to put their best self forward to convince Luke that they are worthy of the remaining coveted silver rings.

At the mixer, vulnerabilities were exposed on a deeper level and Luke got to see. His strong emotional and physical connection with Mandy intensified and Melissa’s boost in confidence and self-esteem has the bachelor’s heart stretched in numerous directions. (more…)

New Dating Show for Average-Sized Singles Offers ‘More to Love’

If all of the skinny-minnies on the Bachelor have you feeling like there is no hope for an averaged-sized single guy or gal like yourself to find true love, think again. Fox network is just about to start  casting contestants for its new dating reality show “More to Love.”red daisy heart

Women who aren’t as glitzy and tiny as the Bachelorette hopefuls will vie for one man, who is being labeled as a “Kevin James type,” by going on extravagant dates. One new category that is being added is having contestants undergo a makeover, but not the physical kind. Instead, producers of More to Love want to send the message to viewers as well as the contestants that you don’t have to be a size 2 to find love. Producers are adamant that the women will not skinny down in order to make them more enticing to their potential suitor. (more…)

Girls – Your Big Fat Boyfriend is a Must Read

For any woman who has gained 5, 10 pounds or maybe even more after finding the guy of your dreams, you must read the book, Your Big Fat Boyfriend. It is a delightful but informative guide on how to stay thin (or get thinner) even if your guy is a pancake-eating, burger-chomping, sweat pant-loving couch potato!

Author Jenna Bergen arms you with oodles of information on what to eat, why to eat it and why and how to exercise. Rather than telling you to give in to your boyfriend’s less than healthy ways just because you love him, she encourages you to become accountable for your own health (and size) by learning the self rewards of healthy eating, consistent exercise and all of the goodness that flows from these essential healthy lifestyle behaviors. (more…)