Girls – Your Big Fat Boyfriend is a Must Read

For any woman who has gained 5, 10 pounds or maybe even more after finding the guy of your dreams, you must read the book, Your Big Fat Boyfriend. It is a delightful but informative guide on how to stay thin (or get thinner) even if your guy is a pancake-eating, burger-chomping, sweat pant-loving couch potato!

Author Jenna Bergen arms you with oodles of information on what to eat, why to eat it and why and how to exercise. Rather than telling you to give in to your boyfriend’s less than healthy ways just because you love him, she encourages you to become accountable for your own health (and size) by learning the self rewards of healthy eating, consistent exercise and all of the goodness that flows from these essential healthy lifestyle behaviors.

First, she asks you to identify your man from a set of six different types of eating behaviors: The Pusher, The Anti-Veggie, the Junk-Food Junkie and so forth. Then comes tips for how to deal with him. For instance, for the gal whose guy is always pushing food on her, Bergen suggests that you tell him that you’ll ask for a bite of food if you want it or claim that you have an allergy to something in the food he’s pushing on you. The suggestions she offers you are meant to empower you even if they glean a bit away from the truth.

Each chapter delves into specific subject matter such as how to cook together, how to eat out, how to stay active and most importantly, how to gently have your healthy ways rub off on him.

All in all, it’s a fun read that any woman who has ever dated a diet disaster can relate to. You might learn a few new things too about why men and women metabolize food differently or how to keep your car heading towards the gym even though your guy is beckoning you to come home straight from work.

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