Avoid Packing on the New Relationship Pounds

Dating – either as a single person or half of a committed couplecan make for a very exciting time. When you think of going on a date, most often you might envision dinner, maybe a movie, or coffee and dessert.

New relationships always seem to pack on the pounds. Many experts say it is because once you are comfortable, happy and secure in a relationship, you are not as diligent about your physical appearance. While in the beginning it is a nice feeling to be able to relax in a new and exciting relationship, a few months in, you may look in the mirror and wonder where all your hard work went.

Especially in the summer, dating can often involve activities and foods to keep your temperature down, but summer time dating doesn’t have to be a body buster. Instead of curling up with your cutie in a dark room, some ice cream and watching TV, here are some terrific summer date activities that will help you keep your cool, but won’t leave you running for a mu-mu to cover up your not quite ready for close up body.

Beach fun – Instead of taking your date to the beach with a towel and the idea of lying out, why not plan an active afternoon? Running on the beach is a phenomenal workout, especially for the calves. Frisbee games will get your blood pumping, and everyone loves beach volleyball.

Frozen treats – It’s hot outside, it’s muggy and gross and everyone wants to cool off, so you stop for ice cream. Bad move. High in sugar and fat, ice cream is the epitome of the saying, “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”. Instead, scope out your city for a frozen yogurt stand. It’s cool and refreshing and won’t undo the results of your beach workout.

Rock climbing – Sometimes, it’s just too hot and muggy to be outside. Keep your date active by finding a rock gym in your area. Air conditioning keeps the body cool, and the reality of the trust you need to have in your climbing partner can help you grow in your relationship.

Alcohol intake – Hot day, cold beer. Hot day, cold mixed drink. Hot day, too tight shorts. Alcohol is high in calories and can be the silent sabotage that you don’t notice. If you are out on a date, enjoy your evening with a wine spritzer, light beer or non alcoholic cocktail.

Picnics and Potlucks – There’s not a week that goes by during the summer months that we aren’t invited to a picnic, potluck or barbecue. Many of the traditional foods offered at these functions – potato salad, hot dogs, chips – can be the worst choices. Bring your own foods to toss on the grill – pork tenderloin is a terrific low fat option. Fruit kabobs and a veggie platter are delicious healthy choices that will help keep you on track. 

Dining out – For better or worse, dining out is synonymous with dating. In fact, every time I ask my husband if he wants to go out, his response is always, “Where will we eat?” If you are visiting a restaurant with a date, scope out the menu for a lower fat option – many restaurants have a key on the bottom with a symbol to indicate a healthier choice. One other good option is to split a higher fat meal, or to enjoy soup and salad. 

With just a few tweaks, dating doesn’t have to equal grabbing your fat pants and settling in. Dating can be good for your body!


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