Penn Jillette’s 105-Pound Weight Loss is No Illusion


Everyone everywhere has started to notice that magician Penn Jillette is seemingly a very slender man all of the sudden. We will avoid making the same “he didn’t use magic!” joke that everyone else has referenced, but we will say that he looks incredible.

According to various sources, Jillette has lost somewhere around 105 pounds–an incredible amount of weight. Jillette told People Magazine that he was on six different pills a day to help with his high blood pressure. When doctors told him he could cut some of his medication out of his life by losing weight, Jillette took it to heart. The controversial comic-magician lost the weight by introducing a very low-calorie diet into his life. By consuming about 1,000 calories a day, Jillette lost 105 pounds in three or four months.

If you like to stalk celebrities and use their methods as your own, this one isn’t advisable. At a minimum, industry recommendations are to consume a minimum of 1200 calories per day. Anything less puts you at risk of jeopardizing basic metabolic functionality within your body.

As well, losing that much weight that quickly is not a typical recommendation either, as any nutritionist or doctor will advise about one to two pounds per week.

Since the rapid weight loss Jillette has already changed his eating habits. Upon reaching his goal weight in March, Jillette began following Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet — no animal products, processed grains, or additional sugar or salt. On this diet, Jillette is able to shift focus away from the 1,000 calorie restriction, and back to focusing on his body getting proper nutrition to sustain his new lifestyle and weight.

Jillette has reportedly started working out, as well.

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image via FoxNews

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