PSPfit Boot Camp Celebrates Positive Body Image as Much as Fitness and Nutrition

There’s a revolution happening in New York City and across the internet. CeCe Olisa of and self-declared “Plus Size Princess” is teaming up with nutritionist Abra Pappa and trainer Anthony Truly to bring a 6-week fitness and nutrition boot camp to any woman wanting to embrace her body while being healthy and fit.

“I hope that any woman who embraces her body while striving to achieve goals will join us, because that’s a hard balance to strike,” CeCe told us. The program was created after she began working with Abra personally.

“She (CeCe) wanted to be able to share the work that we are doing with her followers so we have launched a 6-week boot camp both live and virtual,” Abra said.

Having live and virtual options means women anywhere can participate in the boot camp. The women eligible for the live version are those in the New York City area who can attend meetings and sessions in person. Other women wanting to participate can do so online. CeCe filmed the workouts to watch online and she and Abra will be hosting Facebook group nutrition sessions where participants can engage and ask questions.

The boot camp is the physical manifestation of the #PSPfit movement. That movement started last November when CeCe was in a fitness and nutrition slump.

“I run a dating/lifestyle blog for plus size girls and mentioned to my readers that I wanted to spend the 30 days before Thanksgiving being more mindful about what I ate and how often I got my body moving,” CeCe said. “I told them that I’d be documenting my meals and workouts via photos on Instagram and Twitter and that I’d tag them with the #PSPfit hashtag. As I began to do that, my Plus Size Princesses joined me and suddenly there were thousands of tweets/images of curvy girls making decisions to treat their bodies well.”

Treating bodies well is at the core of the boot camp. CeCe wants participants to view their bodies positively and hopefully reap healthy rewards. “I love myself but there are things I want to change, I try to keep it all in a healthy perspective so that I shift my focus from ‘skinny’ to ‘healthy’ and see how my body changes when I’m treating it right. I also hope anyone with PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) will join us because that condition can make it hard to reach fitness goals. Clean eating and regular workouts have made managing my PCOS a lot easier,” she said.

Not only are fitness, nutrition and self-love being promoted during the boot camp, they’re being rewarded, too. “We will be giving away a ton of amazing swag during the process to women that are participating and really taking amazing care of themselves,” Abra said. Several sponsors, including Nutritious America and JC Penney, have been lined up and are contributing prizes.

The program starts on April 15 and will run through May 27. Registration closes on April 12 after opening last week to an impressive response.

“Women from all over the world have signed up, a testament to how powerful a system of support is and to how dedicated these women are to radically improving their health. I just love it!,” commented Abra.

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