Rulon Walks Off the Biggest Loser Ranch in the Biggest Loser Recap: Season 11 Week 17






Meanwhile, back on the ranch! That’s right, bye bye New Zealand, hello the daily grind of the Ranch! The contestants go back to the daily rigors they had grown so accustomed to and there are many adjustments that need to be made now. It’s the final stretch of the competition. What’s in store for the contestants?

Well, it just so happens to be favorites week. Past contestants will be visiting the current cast helping them out. First up are Ali Vincent and Sam Poueu leading them through what looks to be a pretty brutal workout. Just my kind of training too as they go through some pretty rigorous circuits. It is important for the contestants to get some life lessons from people who have been through it before and hopefully garner some truth as to what will transpire in life after the Biggest Loser.

Looks like a Nascar challenge for these people with Clint Bowyer as a special guest. It’s a good ole fashioned car pull! The winner gets to be a guest of Clint at a race, gets $5,000, and the best part: They get to be on a Wheaties box! This challenge seems all too familiar. Who won a previous challenge like this on a previous season? Hmm…Tara Costa from season 7, who just so happens to be competing in it with them! From the get go it is all Rulon and Tara. These two are machines, but all of a sudden, Austin makes a move near the finish line and almost overtakes them. But it comes down to Rulon and Tara with a photo finish. Looks like Tara wins her second car challenge and gets on that Wheaties box.

The last chance workout leading into the weigh in is weighing a lot on these contestants. Irene has a nice breakthrough with Jillian where she realizes how bad she wants this for herself and no one else; That she is worth all this.

Rulon says if he goes home this week he is fine with it. He is happy with himself and how far he has come to this point. This leads to a first in Biggest Loser history. He checks out at the weigh in. Doesn’t even say much. Just says he is going home for personal reasons and leaves! That is a huge shocker! But without hesitation, the show moves on to the weigh in, with some pretty good numbers all around, with the exception of Kaylee’s +2. Austin and Jay pull some nice sevens. Olivia nails a six and Hannah hits it home with a five. Irene blasts through the 100 pound mark with a three, but it is not enough to keep her above the line with Kaylee. With such a close bond between the purple sisters and Irene, it was no shock to see Kaylee go home.

Kaylee looks like she is doing well at home and even has a love interest in her life: Vance from the white team who is doing well on his own weight loss journey! I am also glad to see she is still fight training, which is a passion of mine and helps keep me in shape.

What’s gonna happen next week? Everyone who is left is looking a little worn and scraggly at this point of the game. Will there be u picker upper for that? The only way to find out is to watch next Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC!

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