Stedman’s Favorite Oprah Recipes Include the Love Sandwich

For as public a woman as Oprah is, her life behind the cameras is very closely guarded. Who can blame her? Part of that life is a relationship with her long-time partner Stedman Graham. The two remain mostly out of the limelight together, leading seemingly separate lives. The truth, is the two are very close and very connected, especially in the kitchen. Every woman knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Oprah might be one of the most powerful women in the world, with an Outlook schedule that would put all of ours collectively to shame, but she still makes time to make her favorite homemade dishes. In his very first appearance on the cover of O Magazine, something Oprah rarely shares with anyone, Stedman and his leading lady grant us a peek inside her kitchen as part of the recent first-ever Food Issue.

In an interview for O Magazine, Stedman raves about Oprah’s work in the kitchen, saying, “Chefs don’t have anything on [Oprah],” calling her a fantastic cook and adding that he enjoys anything she cooks, even that he appreciates her work.

It’s difficult to have Stedman narrow down his favorite recipe of Oprah’s, but one that stands out was an accidental creation she made just for him based on various on-hand ingredients, and it became known as the Love Sandwich, a panini made with pepper Jack cheese, turkey, avocados, tomatos and scallions served on seven-grain bread.

Stedman also raves about her pancakes, eggs, steaks, stopping only to say “you could go on and on and on” about the media mogul’s cooking skills.

He calls a marinated chicken the best thing she’s ever made, and then asked Oprah to describe how she made it. In the interview, Oprah explains that she picked herbs from her own garden, pulverized them, rubbed them in to the chicken, let it sit overnight, and then sautéed the chicken in a skillet.

A simple side dish of Oprah’s that Stedman enjoys is rosemary rice, which is as simple as it sounds. “You just get fresh rosemary and clip it and stir it up in the rice. It’s as easy as that,” said Oprah.

Stedman called her blueberry pancakes “to die for,” and Oprah followed it up by saying she makes her own blueberry syrup to top them.

Whether it’s her own talent coming to life in what is likely one of the finest kitchens and home gardens in all of the U.S., or her application of what she’s learned over the years from some of the best cooks, chefs, and nutritionists, it should come as no surprise that when Oprah is manning the stove, you’ll be served food that’s flavorful and healthful. Not to mention, her recipes sound quick and easy because Oprah’s busy just like the rest of us!

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