“That’s How I See Me.” Kirstie Alley Responds to ‘Circus Fat’ Comment in Jenny Craig Ad

“That’s how I see me,” was Kirstie Alley’s response to the “circus fat” comment she made in the new Jenny Craig commercial announcing her return to the weight loss program. She contends that is not how she nor the brand see their consumers.

Kirstie shared her response with DietsInReview.com in a phone interview about the renewed partnership. She continued by explaining that she’s always been self-deprecating about her weight.

“That comment was relating to me, about me,” she told us, going on to say that in her previous stint with Jenny Craig, which she resigned just more than six years ago, she said “Hey! I’m fat!” at a time when using the word fat was taboo.

kirstie alley“I grew up [in Kansas] in a generation of not overweight people…I grew up in an era where my dad took me to the Kansas State Fair or the cirucs — they had actual fat ladies in the circus.” She recalled there being only three overweight students in her entire school in Wichita, Kansas, two of whom were her friends. Today, 18 percent of children aged 6 – 11 are categorized as obese and 21 percent of 12 – 19-year-olds, per the CDC, for comparison.

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