The Hottest Trainers in America Share Their Favorite Fitness Moves!

On last week, we were introduced to two of our favorite fitness lists of all time: The 50 hottest male personal trainers of 2024 and the 50 hottest female personal trainers of 2024. (Is it getting hot in here?!) Shape searched high and low across the country to find these fit and talented trainers and now readers get to vote for number one.

Of course, these hot and hard bodies are a lot more than just eye-candy. They’re highly trained fitness pros who could whip you (and me!) into shape in no time. In fact, why not get started right now? We got in touch with a couple of these featured trainers find out their favorite moves. Here’s what we found:

Dyson Salleh; Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan (see above) is a 33-year-old personal trainer in New York City. (You might recognize him from the pages of Men’s Health and Men’s Journal, among other magazines.) Per, the married model and certified strength and conditioning specialist is definitely of the belief that working out together is super sexy. Uh, us too!

One of Ryan’s favorite moves: sprint intervals. Ryan says that running fast then slow is “simply the best exercise you can do to get a strong core and shapely physique.” If you are keen on gaining maximum results, work some turbo running sprints into your routine. (He’s proof that you will look awesome doing it!)


Natalie Uhling

Natalie Uhling, also featured on Shape’s list, is founder of the NUfit fitness system and a trainer in New York City. The married 30-year-old’s fitness philosophy focuses on your midsection. Per Uhling, who often mixes martial arts into her training, a “strong core makes you lethal.”

One of Uhling’s signature move is a roundhouse kick. (She’s demo-ing one above.) Roundhouse kicks are awesome because they are intense, but simple. You basically do a semi-circle high kick lifting your leg out, up, and forward while leaning back to counterbalance your weight. This move, in Uhling’s words, is a “great full body move that targets abs and legs.” It’s often used in  the exercise move is a great addition to your usual workout. 
Of course, if this article inspires you to seek out a trainer of your own, be sure to choose one based on more than looks. Here’s an article that details what to look for in a personal trainer!
Top photo by Robert Seale. 
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